Trump Attempts To Steal Pearl Harbor Veteran & Survivor’s Coin On Live Television ‘You can’t have that’

Trump signed a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Proclamation at the White house today with a group of Veterans who survived the attack. Right after the signing, Trump took a coin that one of the Veterans was trying to show him and tried to claim it for himself.

Fortunately even in his 90s, the Veteran was still sharp as a tack, and proclaimed, “You can’t have that” to Trump. “Oh, I thought he gave it to me!” Trump exclaimed, as being in his own egotistical world, decided that the Veteran was giving him the coin. After the Vet got his coin back, Trump tried to shake his hand, but the Vet pulled his hand away and refused. You can see the interaction starting at 34 seconds into the clip below.

“I thought he was trying to give it to me!” Yeah Trump, why the hell would one of these Vets give you one of their prized possessions? Interesting that Trump only told the Veteran that he would see him “next year” after he though the Vet gave him a gift.


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