Trump Just Ran Back Into The White House After His Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Got Ruined

Trump finished up holding a press conference at the White House today, where he carried out the presidential tradition of pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving. During the celebration, a reporter could be heard screaming, “Are you going to pardon any people?!” After hearing the reporter, Trump only took one quick photo and promptly made his way back into the White House, all in a brisk 30 seconds while skipped any interaction with the press.

This occurred at the end of the first piece of footage below and around “-18:00” minutes into the second piece of footage below, which was a live stream of the event. It happens after Trump calls up a small group of young women to shake his hand next to the Turkey.

The question of whether Trump will pardon anyone indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is a fair one. We have seen multiple reports that Trump’s lawyers and advisers have looked into the legality of Trump doing such a thing.


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