Trump Wakes Up In Terror As Crisis Unfolds At Trump Tower In New York City

The hardcore Conservatives that make up Trump’s base cheered with delight recently when Hillary and Bill Clinton’s New York home experienced a small fire. At 7 am this morning, dozens of firefighters lined the street outside Trump Tower, as a fire burned on the top floor of the Manhattan building.

Firefighters on scene to fight the blaze

New York, along with the rest of the country, has been experiencing record low temperatures, which tend to cause more fires as people try to stay warm in less than advisable ways.

Trump Jr. took to social media to claim that the fire was “small’, but video and photos say otherwise.

The NYFD managed to quickly control the fire and got it under control by 8 am. The building was not evacuated and no injuries were reported.

Sometimes things are just a coincidence, but Trump’s main building and home burning up will surely be interpreted as karma to many.


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