The Actual Russian Money Used To Help Fund Trump’s Campaign Has Been Uncovered By The FBI

A profound new report has revealed that the FBI is investigating more than 60 money transfers it has discovered that were sent by the Russian foreign ministry to its embassies across the globe. The kicker is that the wire transfers each had a bombshell stated purpose in the memo’s attached to them, “to finance election campaign of 2016.”

The wire transfers that the FBI has discovered thus far, add up to at least $380,000, and some of it was sent right to Russia’s embassy in Washington. One of the transfers even came from VTB Bank, a financial institution majority owned by the Russian government. The U.S. Treasury Department placed this VTB Bank under sanctions in 2014, after Putin invaded the Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

The FBI just found out about these transfer at the end of September, so this is a relatively new development. And interestingly enough, these transfers were discovered by the Senate Intelligence Committee themselves, so those Congressional investigations are not all for nothing and are producing results.

Bear in mind folks that we’ve heard of VTB bank before. The NYTimes in August reported, “Mr. Sater, a Russian immigrant, said he had lined up financing for the Trump Tower deal with VTB Bank, a Russian bank that was under American sanctions for involvement in Moscow’s efforts to undermine democracy in Ukraine. In another email, Mr. Sater envisioned a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Moscow. “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected,” Mr. Sater wrote.”

Felix Sater had a secret meeting at Trump tower in July of 2016 where he met with Trump, but no one knows that they spoke about. POLITICO reported back in August that, “Sater told POLITICO that he has not seen the candidate recently and that the purpose of his visit to Trump Tower last month is “confidential.” Sater declined to say whether he’s had recent contact with the Trump Organization or Trump’s children. “I don’t see the relevance of that,” he said.”

This could be the biggest investigation in the history of the United States of America. We seem to be witnessing history here. The Russian’s influence over the 2016 election and entanglement with the Trump campaign is truly profound and unlike anything we have ever seen.


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