Adam Schiff Responds To GOP Impeachment Report & Destroys It With One Sentence

The only voice you even need to listen to right now, after the GOP released its House minority impeachment report,?is House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. Schiff responded to the GOP’s early evening report in swift fashion and completely shut it down.

In one sentence, Schiff completely summed up why the GOP’s 120+ page impeachment report is both wrong and a waste of time, “The GOP report ignores voluminous evidence Trump used his office to press Ukraine into investigating Biden by withholding military aid and a White House meeting.”

Schiff also destroyed the GOP’s argument that Trump is some kind of historian who understands Ukraine’s history (explained here), “They say this is just Trump?s ?outside the beltway? thinking. It?s more accurately outside the law and Constitution.” Well, it looks like Schiff isn’t even worried in the slightest about this report, but you know who is.

After Trump landed in the United Kingdom, he said that he read the GOP’s 120 page report (ok) and requested that the Supreme Court step in to save him, “Just landed in the United Kingdom, heading to London for NATO meetings tomorrow. Prior to landing I read the Republicans Report on the Impeachment Hoax. Great job! Radical Left has NO CASE. Read the Transcripts. Shouldn?t even be allowed. Can we go to Supreme Court to stop?”

He talked a big game after landing, but look at how he really looked when he got off that plane!

Schiff and House Democrats are not going to let up. Trump and the GOP can write all the reports they want and whine and complain about how unfair this impeachment is, but it’s not going to save him. The only thing that could save Trump would be to prove his innocence by participating in the inquiry and cooperating with the House’s document requests. But he’s clearly guilty, otherwise he would do that, so the impeachment marches on.


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