Americans Can’t Get Enough of the Alabama Player Who Heroically Insulted Trump on Live TV

While Trump wants everyone to believe that he’s loved dearly by a majority of Americans, the truth is that he is not. Most Americans abhor Trump due to his divisive rhetoric and overall deleterious actions as a malnourished president.

Last year, he insulted African-Americans NFL players – who kneel in peaceful protest – while speaking at a Luther Strange rally in Alabama. Ironically, Trump and his stooges blamed Steve Bannon for Roy Moore’s epic loss in Alabama, yet Trump couldn’t even boost his guy Luther Strange to victory in the primary. During his speech at the Strange rally, Trump called NFL players, who kneel in protest against police brutality during the National Anthem, “sons of b*tches.”

The football community, being predominantly African-American, loathes Trump, so when he showed up to the Alabama-Georgia title game last night, people didn’t welcome him with open arms.

Star running back and all-around powerhouse, Bo Scarbrough of the Alabama Crimson Tide, appeared to yell “f*ck Trump,” while the team walked through the tunnel to take the field.

In the video below, Bo appears angered by Trump’s presence at the stadium as he passes through the camera’s view.

Listen to Bo’s words for Trump below:


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