Americans Vets Are FURIOUS Over Trump’s Decision to Ignore Troops

The draft-dodging president loves to brag about beefing up the military and his “much bigger” nuclear button. He “loves war,” but not the U.S. troops who are on the ground fighting for America’s freedom. The president has no clue what it means to dedicate one’s life to protect the liberty of the American people. Trump is more worried about making his friends at Mar-a-Lago a whole lot richer.

In Trump’s first year as president, he visited zero combat zones, which breaks a presidential tradition. America’s vets have continually expressed their disapproval of the man who dodged the Vietnam War five times due to bone spurs in his heels.

The VoteVets Twitter account reminded Americans:

Gregg Zoroya expressed the importance of a visit by the president in his latest piece, writing, “Troops serving in combat speak of a shared, nagging sense that, apart from family and friends, most Americans back home seem oblivious or have forgotten that U.S. military members are still risking their lives overseas.” He then explained how these “sentiments melt away when the commander in chief comes calling.”

The golfer-in-chief criticized Obama every time the former president stepped foot on a golf course. At least Obama put time aside to visit Afghanistan three months into his presidency. If Trump could only skip over one shameless self-promotion of his golf courses, he could remind U.S. troops how much America needs them.


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