Arizona Border Town Sends Orders To Trump That Will Help Block Any Emergency Declaration

Donald Trump’s ability to declare a national emergency to begin construction of his border wall was significantly weakened Tuesday night, after newly elected?New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered the withdrawal of the majority of her state?s National Guard troops from the U.S. border with Mexico. Governor Grisham’s withdrawal provides strong evidence that there is no crisis at the border.

As if that wan’t problem enough for Trump, things just got even worse? for his plans after an Arizona City Council overseeing a border town sent orders directly to the Trump administration. Nogales City Council members unanimously voted last night to condemn the U.S. federal government?s installation of barbed wire along the border fence in the town.

The resolution approved by the border town council includes orders to the Trump administration to immediately remove barbed wire Trump has been having the military put in place. This resolution, just like New Mexico withdrawing troops, provides evidence that there is no real crisis at the border. You can watch the city council vote in the 12 second footage below, where they receive a round of applause.

Nogales?Mayor Arturo Garino said that the wire is hurting tourism and is making his town less safe.?Mayor Garino said he met with Border Patrol Wednesday afternoon, along with Nogales Police, to try and negotiate over the wire, but Border Patrol refused to do anything about the wire and the Mayor was forced to walkout. They obviously messed with the wrong person, because the Mayor went and used his legal power to fight back.
?They were not being good stewards and we are not going to allow this in Nogales,” said Garino. “This is the attitude Border Patrol had and I really don?t appreciate that. We will not allow this in Nogales,” the Mayor said, at the meeting, as seen in the footage below.

One businessman, who also serves as the Chair of the Port Authority and attended the meeting, said that he thinks the city must fight back against the negative images created by the razor wire. ?Nobody asked us, what do we think of this or what do you think we should be doing to secure the border,? Guillermo Valencia said. ?It?s just people 2,000 miles away saying this is what you need.?

This severely damages Trump’s ability to declare an emergency because it is clear evidence that there is no real crisis. The people actually on the border don’t even want barbed wire. If it was really as unsafe as Trump is trying to say it is, then they would want the barbed wire, they would want the wall, but they don’t.


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