Attorney General Jeff Sessions Now Under Investigation For His Obvious Perjury & Will Testify Next Week

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next Tuesday as part of its investigation into Russian interference in the election. Grab your popcorn folks, because Sessions’ recently revealed perjury is now under legitimate legal investigation.

Sessions will be asked about his past statements concerning exchanges with Russian agents while he worked as part of the Trump campaign last year. Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee panel are particularly interested in his ties to former Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos, who has plead guilty to lying to FBI agents about contacts with Russians.

Court documents revealed that Papadopoulos had offered to set up a meeting with the Russians and Sessions was aware of it and present for it. Sessions will be asked why he failed to previously disclose Papadopoulos’ offer to use his Russian contacts to set up a meeting between candidate Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2016.

A new source revealed last Thursday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently “refused” Trump campaign aide George Papadapoulos’ push during the 2016 campaign to arrange the meeting between candidate Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin using his “Russian contacts.”

Sessions told Congress under oath in June that he had “no knowledge” of any conversations with anyone operating with or around Trump campaign about “any type of interference with any campaign” by the Russians. The perjury is clear as day in the clip below.

“The March 31 comments by this Papadopoulos person did not leave a lasting impression,” according to the source, “As far as Sessions seemed to be concerned, when he shut down this idea of Papadopoulos engaging with Russia, that was the end of it and he moved the meeting along to other issues.”


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