Bloomberg Surges to Surprising Position in 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Poll

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is literally trying to see if it is possible to purchase a U.S. presidential election, as he is on track and planning to spend more on his campaign than former President Obama spent in total to be re-elected in 2012.

Bloomberg has not yet been running for president for a full month, but he has already spent $128 million on TV and social media advertisements. Until now, his poll numbers have barely touched an average of 3%, which proved correct the many of people who predicted that it is not possible to purchase an election and that you need more than money.

But maybe those folks spoke too soon and should have given Bloomberg a full month of campaigning first. The latest nationwide poll released yesterday, has put Bloomberg at 11% support, tied with candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren. This is a huge increase from his 5% in the same previous poll. This poll matches up to most and puts Biden in the lead at 28%, with Bernie at 16%.

In the defense of those who did not think Bloomberg could buy his way up the polls, who could have predicted that he would spend so much of his own money campaigning. Even for Bloomberg, it’s a lot, but then again, he’s estimated to be worth $56 billion. Bloomberg of course also owns Bloomberg News, one of the largest media companies in the world, which is obviously helping him a lot.

Elizabeth Warren recently spoke out against Bloomberg and his spending, ?I don?t believe that elections ought to be for sale and I don?t think as a Democratic Party that we should say that the only way you?re going to get elected, the only way you?re going to be our nominee, is either if you are a billionaire or if you?re sucking up to billionaires.?

She says this, but Warren is falling in the polls and is now tied with Bloomberg. This latest poll shows that the fact is that Bloomberg’s spending is working for him. Take that as you may. It’s still extremely early to make any kind of prediction, but Bloomberg appears to have a much better chance than most originally thought.


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