Brazil Announces President Has Coronavirus, Hints He May Have Gotten it From Trump

Brazil’s far right President Jair Bolsonaro has officially tested positive for coronavirus, which is karma after he previously called the outbreak a “fantasy.” Over the weekend he met with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where they ate a dinner and were pictured touching each other.

The odds that Trump has become infected are now through the roof. But wait. Are we thinking about this backwards? Did Bolsonaro potentially give Trump Coronavirus? Or do we have it backwards? The breaking news report of Bolsonaro confirming a positive test for Coronavirus seems to hint that Trump is their patient zero.

Jornal O Dia, the major Brazilian newspaper that originally broke the story, said Bolsonaro, “does not hide the evidence,? and came clean this morning about having the virus. ?He appeared in a mask this morning and did not leave the Pal?cio da Alvorada, the official residence,” they additionally reported.

Wait. Why are they making effort to point out that Bolsonaro doesn’t “hide” the evidence? That sounds like a comparison you only point out if someone else is hiding their infection. Later in the report, Jornal O Dia then flat out floats the possibility that Bolsonaro got it from the United States.

“…in a press conference in the United States (where he may have become infected), Bolsonaro mocked the situation by pointing out that the coronavirus epidemic would be a media thing,” Jornal O Dia reported.

This adds to growing suspicions that it may be Trump himself that is spreading the virus. Trump could clear up this speculation by simply getting a test. But him and his administration lie about everything. What if Trump is lying about getting tested because he was already tested some time ago and tested positive? What would it mean if he tested positive but kept having meetings with world leaders like Brazil’s president?

Trump is terrified about his re-election, which is why he has down played the threat Coronavirus poses. If Trump cancelled his visit with Brazil’s president this past weekend, people would have rightly speculated that it was cancelled due to coronavirus. Since Bolsonaro was just tested and found to have it, imagine Trump’s meeting with him had been cancelled, and in response to speculation, Bolsonaro got tested and he did not test positive. It would mean the meeting had been cancelled because Trump had Coronavirus.

Can we really put it past Trump to know he has Coronavirus and wants to cover it up? Maybe he said he’s “not concerned at all” about the virus because he’s in the percentage of people it doesn’t bring down with serious symptoms. Something is super fishy right now and we need more details from Brazil and Trump needs to be tested immediately.


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