California Confirms It Will Be Using Trump’s Words About Emergency Declaration Against Him

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced this morning that the state will “definitely’ be filing a lawsuit “imminently” against Donald Trump to stop his emergency declaration and that Trump himself will be a central point of the evidence against their being an emergency.

The Attorney General said there is “no reason” they will wait to do anything other than file the lawsuit this coming week. “We are prepared,” Becerra said on ABC “This Week.” “We knew something like this might happen. We are ready to go.”

Attorney General Becerra confirmed that Trump’s own words can and will be used against him, because Trump admitted that “he did not need to announce or declare a crisis.” This confirms many people’s analysis of what Trump said during his emergency declaration announcement at the White House on Friday, which is that Trump really did completely undermine his entire declaration.

“Well he himself said it. He did not have to call this an emergency,” Becerra said, “He has also said he knows he?s going to lose in court. And he?s hoping that he can count on a conservative court in the Supreme Court to give him a victory because he knows he?s going to lose all the way up the ladder of the federal court system. It’s become clear that this is not an emergency, not only because no one believes it is, but because Donald Trump himself has said it’s not.”

Even Trump’s “informal adviser” and buddy?Alan Dershowitz said that Trump’s national emergency declaration was a mistake. ?My own view is that it was a mistake to do it. I think emergencies are things that happened suddenly. The problems with immigration are long term.?The Constitution requires that all spending bills originate in the House of Representatives. This is a way of circumventing that provision of the Constitution.?

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom had already announced plans to sue Trump yesterday but his Attortney General confirming the timing and evidence to be used was not yet known until this morning.?President Trump is manufacturing a crisis and declaring a made-up ?national emergency? in order to seize power and subvert the constitution,? Newsom said in a statement hours after the president?s declaration. ?Our message back to the White House is simple and clear: California will see you in court.?


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