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White House Tries To Grab Mic From Acosta After He Sends Trump Into Fury

Donald Trump was in a predictably sour mode after Democrats took back the House last night and gained everything they need to carry through with their promises to subpoena and investigate the Trump administration. CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted Trump about his characterization of the migrant caravan moving through Texas and managed to seriously set off […]

Trump Goes Into Panic Mode After Losing House & Starts Issuing Threats Against Democrats

For someone who claimed “tremendous success” last night, Donald Trump sure is acting scared, as he comes to terms with what he is facing after Democrats successfully took back the House from Republicans last night. Trump Wednesday morning issued actual threats to investigate Democrats??at the Senate?level? as a counter to any?House Democratic efforts to investigate […]

Explosive Device Maker Confirmed To Be Registered Republican & Trump Supporter

The male suspect in his 50s that was arrested in Florida this morning in connection with the explosive packages mailed to prominent Democrat leaders this week has been confirmed to be named Cesar Sayoc. Public records show that suspect Cesar Sayoc is a registered Republican with an extensive criminal history who appears to have owned […]

Explosive Device Maker Appears To Be Trump Supporter Based Off Evidence From FBI Arrest

A male suspect in his 50s was arrested in Florida this morning in connection with the explosive packages mailed to prominent Democrat leaders this week. Authorities were seen towing away the van in the picture below. This van is officially a piece of evidence in the investigation and even though the photos of it are […]

Trump Predicts How Democrats Will Vote In Midterm Elections & Calls Dr. Ford “Hoax”

Before boarding Air Force One with?Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fly to?a police chiefs’ conference in Florida, Donald Trump attacked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and offered his reasons that Democrats will vote Republican in the midterm elections this year. Yes, Trump thinks Democrats will be voting for Republicans. “I think a lot of Democrats […]

Trump & GOP Get Devastating Report About 2018 Midterm Elections With 6 Weeks To Go

Donald Trump and the GOP are pretty much facing their worst midterm election situation possible, as the latest polling coming out ahead of the elections, indicates that the Blue Wave is indeed a real thing.?A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Democrats hold a full 12% lead over Republicans going into the elections. […]

Walmart Issues Devastating Warning To Trump & GOP As 2018 Elections Approach Fast

The 2018 midterms are incredibly close and the Blue Wave is growing with each passing day. Today it was revealed that Walmart warned the Trump administration two weeks ago of what the consequences would be if Trump moves forward with his trade war and increases tariffs on China. Trump ignored the warnings in Walmart’s letter […]

Trump Horribly Disrespects His Supporters Ahead Of Ohio Rally, But That’s What They Get

Donald Trump treated his supporters with the same amount of respect he shows for world leaders he hates and virtually everyone he meets; none at all. Trump arrived a full 40 minutes late to his rally at the gym?in Olentangy Orange High School, in a key Republican part of Delaware County, Ohio. The small packed […]

Trump Outrageously Claims Putin Going To Assist DEMOCRATS In 18′ Midterm Elections

Donald Trump mid day on Tuesday made perhaps his most outrageous claim yet and said he is “very concerned” that Russia will attempt to interfere in this year’s midterm elections,?claiming “they will be pushing very hard”?to support Democrats. “I?m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming […]

Sources Reveal Former President Obama’s Plans To Help Democrats Take Back Congress This Fall

Sources close to former President Obama have revealed that he will be heavily involved with the 2018 midterm elections as Democrats fight to take back Congress from the GOP. President Obama is going to be hitting?the campaign trail roughly around September of this year, according to sources “familiar” with his team’s plan. The sources also […]