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Hillary Clinton Gives Official Statement On 20′ Democratic Candidates That Hints At Rematch

Hillary Clinton made an appearance last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she discussed the 2020 presidential campaign and gave statements that give rise to reasonable speculation that she may be preparing for a rematch with Donald Trump. Clinton officially announced last night that she will not endorse any of the 2020 […]

The Mercers, Responsible For Kellyanne & Bannon, May Have Just Cost Trump 2020 Election

Elections cost a lot of money for a reason. You have to get your message out to voter’s and the cable networks that can do that ain’t gonna do it for free. In this day and age, you need wealthy backers and a lot of fundraising to have any chance of winning, and Donald Trump […]

K Harris Makes Biggest Promise We’ve Heard So Far With Plans For Trump After She’s Elected

2020 Democratic presidential candidate and Senator from California Kamala Harris gave an interview with NPR Politics Podcast on Sunday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that was released for the first time this morning. Kamala has issued an incredible promise that she plans to fulfill if she is elected; putting Donald Trump in prison. Harris said her […]

Top House Democrat Confirms Strategy On When To Impeach Trump To Win In 2020

South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn, the third ranking Democrat in the House of Representative, said Sunday that he believes Donald Trump will eventually be impeached. Sunday on CNN?s ?State of the Union,? Clyburn said the House would impeach Trump and that it’s only an issue of “timing.” Host Jake Tapper said, ?It sounds like you […]

Trump Jr. Confirms Plans At His Dad’s 2020 Rally That Will Make Ivanka Trump Very Upset

I hope you’re ready for some jaw dropping information right now because Donald Trump Jr. confirmed last night at Donald Trump’s Michigan 2020 rally that he is strongly considering running for president in the future. Yes, you read that correctly. Trump Jr. gave a short interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night, during which […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Sends Trump Devastating Message For His 2020 Campaign

This week ?Rolling Stone? Magazine released video to promote their cover story featuring House Democratic Majority Speaker House Nancy Pelosi, and Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Jahana Hayes. Each of these powerful women leaders were asked what their message to Donald Trump is, or what they would say to his face if given the […]

Trump Claims Border Rally Bigger Than Democrats, But El Paso’s Fire Dept Set The Record Straight

During his border rally at the El Paso County Coliseum last night, Donald Trump began lying about the size of the crowd in attendance because someone on his team must have told him that potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate?Beto O’Rourke’s nearby protest rally was bigger. Trump cited the El Paso Fire Department as evidence that […]

California’s Governor Defeats Trump’s Security Crisis To Build a Wall Before It Gets Started

Donald Trump is traveling to El Paso tonight to hold a rally in support of his border wall, but instead of it being a rally, it should really be a funeral, because Trump’s wall at this point is good and dead. Following other elected officials,?California Governor Gavin Newsom is taking action that will severely undermine […]

Elizabeth Warren Destroys Trump In Response To Insults, Tells Him He Won’t Make It To 2020

It looks like Democrats are going to be coming out fighting stronger than ever to take back the White House during the 2020 presidential campaign because?Senator Elizabeth Warren kicked off her 2020 campaign today with a brutal response to Trump’s insults from last night. Elizabeth Warren hosted her first official 2020 campaign stop today in […]

Trump Explains Why He Thinks Democrats Can’t Win The Presidency Back In 2020

Acting Attorney General?Matt Whitaker was shredded to pieces during his appearance yesterday by?congressional Democrats on?the Judiciary Committee. Donald Trump saw what happened to Whitaker and could not help but react on social media the morning after. Trump?is so angry with the way Democrats questioned Whitaker that he is arguing that it somehow proves Democrats ?cannot […]