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Donald Trump Admits for the First Time That He Knows He Will Not Win Re-election

Few people will argue that Donald Trump’s narcissism knows no bounds and his ego prevents him from ever admitting any fault, apologizing, or engaging in self criticism. But the truly incredible momentum we are seeing in the movement to remove him from office seems to have finally cracked his armor. Trump gave an interview to […]

Future President Joe Biden & Trump Both Gave Speeches Today, It’s Clear Who’ll Win 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden held his first campaign event today in Darby, Pennsylvania, where he followed all pandemic safety guidelines and talked about reopening America in a way that is effective, safe, and gets America working. Candidate Biden completely destroyed Trump during his speech in multiple ways and flatly told Trump, “Mr. President, wake […]

GOP Actually and Finally Start Turning on Trump; Powell, Bush, Jump Ship to Team Biden

We have all heard for years now about how the GOP was finally going to ditch Donald Trump and stop supporting him, but up until today, it’s been mostly all talk. On Sunday however, we got a new revelation about former President George W Bush and even members of his administration and what their plans […]

5 Easy Corporations to Protest for Donating to Trump’s 2020 Re-election Campaign

As the election is now less than 6 months away, it is time to remind ourselves where we are spending our money and do our best to send a message to companies that have donated money to Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. The country is literally falling apart and there is no excuse for these […]

Trump Updates the Nation on What “Supplies” He’s Ordered to Protect us From Coronavirus

This is the time when we need a leader. This is the time when we need a real president. We don’t have one. Folks, there is a reason the stock market is having its worst trading since the recession; coronavirus is serious and it’s coming. While departing the White House early this evening for a […]

Latest 2020 Electorate Data Shows Trump’s Anti-immigrant Policies Will Cost Him the Election

Since taking office, President Trump has tried to make good on his promise to reduce immigration to the United States. Remember how controversial his Muslim ban was that led to mass protests at airports? Well, immigrants remember that too, and this year a record number of immigrants will be able to vote in the presidential […]

Jim Acosta Sets Trap For Trump and Calls Him a Liar Right to His Face in Front of All of India

All eyes have been on India so far this week, so a lot of people are going to see how CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta rattled Donald Trump during his press conference early this morning in India’s capital city of New Delhi. First we will see how Acosta called Trump a liar right to […]

Bernie Sanders Responds to Attack by Trump & Jump Starts 2020 Battle for the Presidency

Here we go! We just got the first big exchange of words between major 2020 presidential candidates this year. Bernie Sanders, currently leading polls in the incredibly important Iowa primary, struck back against Donald Trump calling him “crazy” this afternoon and showed he is ready to go for Trump’s throat. “Wow! Crazy Bernie Sanders is […]

Ocasio-Cortez Launches Attack on Candidate Joe Biden that Could Split Democratic Party

As the 2020 Democratic presidential primary really starts to heat up, it was to be expected that the candidates would start going after each other with more intensity, but New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just took it to another level. A new interview Ocasio-Cortez gave to New York Magazine was published early this morning and […]

Mitch McConnell’s New Polls Indicate He Could Go Down with Trump in this Year’s Elections

GOP Senator Mitch McConnell’s seat is up for grabs in 2020 and because of Donald Trump, literally everything on the political spectrum has changed and McConnell’s once safe seat is now fully in play. The latest polling from Morning Consult, which uses large and reliable sample sizes, just ranked McConnell as the least liked Senator […]