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Huckabee & Hannity Discussing Why Trump ‘eligible’ for Third Term on Fox News Tonight

While the rest of the world is taking the third only impeachment of a U.S. president seriously, Trump supporters and Fox News drones are going to be spending their night discussing why Donald Trump is “eligible” to violate the constitution and serve a third term in the White House. GOP Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee […]

Trump Makes Himself Time Person of the Year Over Greta Thunberg To Raise Campaign Funds

Donald Trump did not let his jealousy of Time’s “Person of the Year” 16 year old winner Greta Thunberg stop him from seeing himself on the cover of Time. Not only has Trump made himself Time’s Person the Year, but he has also revealed why he wanted the award so badly in the first place. […]

Trump Thanks Ivanka For Creating 14 Million Fake Jobs at Walmart & Other ‘great’ Companies

Donald Trump thanked his daughter Ivanka Trump, the unelected, zero experience “Senior White House Adviser,” for creating “14 million jobs” at the White House today. Donald said her goal was only 500,000 jobs, but that she has smashed that goal by creating 14 million jobs. He says his daughter has been “extraordinary” in her “advocacy […]

Lindsey Graham Makes Insane Comparison Between Trump and Martin Luther King Jr.

Make no mistake, what GOP Senator Lindsey Graham did today during the Senate Judiciary hearing on Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s new IG report, is cause for Graham to be immediately removed from Congress for daring to so badly disrespect Martin Luther King Jr. Graham tried to argue that the FBI’s investigation into the […]

Lindsey Graham Tries Defending Trump in Senate But Instead Proves Trump Should Be Impeached

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham opened Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s hearing today before the Senate by babbling nonsensically for over forty minutes straight, saying things like, “Crossfire Hurricane was probably the best name ever given to an investigation in the history of investigations ’cause I think that’s what we wound up with, a crossfire […]

Trump So Frustrated by Rally Protester That He Yelled at Security Guard For Not Hurting Her

Donald Trump held a rally late last night in Hersey, Pennsylvania, and he was obviously in a bad mood because two articles of impeachment had been announced against him earlier in the day, but that’s no excuse for how he treated a female protester at his rally. Trump grew frustrated with security officials at his […]

Hillary Clinton Says Trump Not President After New Harvard Poll Says She’s 2020 Front-runner

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out in support of House Democrats’ two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump this morning and refused to even come close to calling Trump president. There may be more to her statement, based on a new 2020 poll conducted by Harvard that was released just yesterday, which we […]

Michelle Obama Publicly Reacts to Trump’s Impeachment & Sends Message to All Americans

The country is certainly going through what will be a controversial time in our history and it is nice to get the prospective of former First Lady Michelle Obama because she was in the White House not long ago. She spoke directly about impeachment this morning and offered words of hope for America. Michelle was […]

Trump & White House Respond To Participation in Impeachment Hearings with Demand

White House counsel Pat Cipollone responded on behalf of Donald Trump and sent a letter to the House early this evening to meet a 5 P.M. deadline set by House Democrats requesting an answer on whether Trump would be participating in the next phase of House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment process. After a careful reading of […]

Trump Says People Don’t Buy New Cars ‘they don’t work’ & Recommends Buying American Cars

Donald Trump held a business regulation meeting on energy today at the White House where he complained about California and cars. He took a try at being a car salesman and explained why American cars are so much better than the “other” cars. Trump announced that he’s in a “dispute” with California over his “bold” […]