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White House Confirms Donald Trump Chooses to Stand with His ‘white power’ Supporters

The Trump Campaign, the GOP, and the White House, have been in full damage control mode after Donald Trump shared footage of his supporters on social media literally screaming out “White power!” as they rode around in golf carts covered in Trump campaign merchandise. But perhaps because Trump is realizing he cannot beat 2020 frontrunner […]

Donald Trump Comes Out in Support of Racist Statue to Distract from Failed Rally

Conservative statue worshipers and Donald Trump are raging this morning after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that a clearly racist statue right in front of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City will be removed. Literally only uninformed and racist people could be against taking the statue down, as […]

Donald Trump Admits for the First Time That He Knows He Will Not Win Re-election

Few people will argue that Donald Trump’s narcissism knows no bounds and his ego prevents him from ever admitting any fault, apologizing, or engaging in self criticism. But the truly incredible momentum we are seeing in the movement to remove him from office seems to have finally cracked his armor. Trump gave an interview to […]

Donald Trump Explains Why He Thinks People Should Stop Wearing Masks

We have been tormented by Donald Trump’s insanity and self absorbed narcissism for over four years now, since he started his campaign in 2015, but what he said in a recent interview about Americans wearing masks is still somehow shocking. His ability to make everything about himself is truly unprecedented. Trump claimed just yesterday in […]

Future President Joe Biden & Trump Both Gave Speeches Today, It’s Clear Who’ll Win 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden held his first campaign event today in Darby, Pennsylvania, where he followed all pandemic safety guidelines and talked about reopening America in a way that is effective, safe, and gets America working. Candidate Biden completely destroyed Trump during his speech in multiple ways and flatly told Trump, “Mr. President, wake […]

GOP Set to Lose Their Minds After Rev. Al Sharpton Destroys Trump Over Church Photo-op

Donald Trump and his followers are going to have a hard time dealing with the reality we just witnessed at George Floyd’s funeral today. Long time civil rights activist and Reverend Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy for Floyd at the funeral and honestly just tore Trump to pieces in spectacular fashion. There is not much […]

Donald Trump Claims Elderly Buffalo Protester Shoved to Ground is Part of ‘set up’

No one in the world looked at what happened to Martin Gugino, the 75 year old man who was seriously injured after being violently shoved to the ground by Buffalo Police, and thought that was acceptable. Even many GOP figures remained silent on the issue because it is indefensible. But not for Donald Trump! It […]

GOP Actually and Finally Start Turning on Trump; Powell, Bush, Jump Ship to Team Biden

We have all heard for years now about how the GOP was finally going to ditch Donald Trump and stop supporting him, but up until today, it’s been mostly all talk. On Sunday however, we got a new revelation about former President George W Bush and even members of his administration and what their plans […]

Ivanka Trump Responds After University Cancels Her Speech Today For Being Part of Racism

Unelected “Senior” White House adviser Ivanka Trump was set to deliver a commencement speech today for Wichita State Tech’s graduation ceremony in Kansas, but all that came to an end Thursday after she was disinvited by the school. It took an assistant professor at Wichita State University to point out to the school that Ivanka […]