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President Trump Attempts Desperate Distraction By Banning Transgender People From Serving Their Country

President Trump announced today that he is banning all people who identify as transgender from any military service. This is considered to be a major shift in military policy and is likely a distraction, as transgender people make up a tiny fraction of even just our general population. In 2016, around 1.4 million people in […]

President Trump Just Revealed That He Truly Thinks He Should Be On Mt Rushmore

President Trump held a Tuesday evening rally today in Youngstown Ohio, where he revealed his dream of someday being on Mount Rushmore. Perhaps after realizing how absolutely insane this sounds, he tried spin his dream into an unsuccessful attack on the media. It was unsuccessful because he wouldn’t have brought this idea up if he […]

China Has Built Nuclear Bunkers On It’s Border With North Korea As Trump Considers Military Option

China seems to know something we don’t, because it is taking a potential crisis with North Korea very seriously, by significantly boosting a variety of its defenses along the border it shares with North Korea. Numerous sources report that these new Chinese defenses include nuclear bunkers for civilians. The Trump administration did confirm that it […]

President Trump No Longer Hiding Intentions To End Mueller’s Probe By Firing Sessions

President Trump today refused to say if he would fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions, specifically citing that he is very unhappy that Sessions recused himself from Mueller’s Russia probe. He also took the time to further dump his support for Sessions. President Trump made his remarks about Sessions today, in an interview with the Wall […]

Ivanka Trump Thinks Mueller’s Probe of Trump’s Personal Finances Will Bring Criminal Charges Against Her

“Special Adviser” and favorite daughter of President Trump, Ivanka Trump, has just elected to retain criminal defense lawyer Abbe Lowell, to defend and counsel her as special counsel Bobby Mueller conducts his Russia probe, and expands it to include Donald Trump’s personal finances. Abbe Lowell will provide both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner with […]

Daily Show Puts Out Hilarious Comparison Showing Scaramucci Has Practiced All of Trump’s Hand Gestures

The Daily Show has put together a hilarious side by side comparison that shows that new White House communications director Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci has studied the hand gestures that President Trump uses while speaking. The video shows Scaramucci side by side with Trump making gestures that are nearly identical to the ones that Trump uses […]

President Trump Shows Extreme Desperation & Uses 11 Year Old Barron As Political Prop

President Trump has decided to use his 11 year old son Barron, as a political tool to try and defend himself from the constantly growing Russia scandal. This is despite the fact that Trump has complained about anyone else discussing Barron, making for such a ridiculous example of hypocrisy, that the only conclusion is that […]

President Trump Completely Screws Up The First Sentence Of His Argument Against Obamacare

President Trump began the opening statement of his attack on Obamacare this afternoon, by completely screwing up and saying that Obamacare was passed 17 years ago. Social media is wasting no time mocking him, pointing out how ridiculous it is for him to screw up so badly. ?For the past 17 years, Obamacare has wreaked […]

Rex Tillerson Next In Line To Quit After Trump’s Harsh Attacks On Jeff Sessions

Multiple sources report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is considering submitting his resignation to President Trump. He is allegedly growing frustrated with the Trump administration in part, due to the way President Trump is now treating Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which Tillerson feels is “unprofessional.” But “unprofessional” is code word for something else in […]

President Trump Just Lost It With A Reporter & Told Her To Be “Quiet!” After Asking About Obamacare Repeal

President Trump lashed out and lost his cool today with an Associated Press reporter who simply asked him about what’s going on with the Senate GOP’s Obamacare repeal. Reporter Catherine Lucey asked Trump, “Do you have a message on health care?” to which he rudely responded, ?Quiet!? Fortunately, this incident was caught on camera. Reporters […]