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Study Shows Trump’s Pal & Fox News Host Hannity’s Coronavirus Coverage Caused Extra Cases

The Coronavirus pandemic is so widespread that reliable patterns have begun to emerge in the data. This is what happens when you have a situation like this, where nearly 800,000 Americans have tested positive for Coronavirus as of this morning on April 21st. And what the data is showing is shocking but also not that […]

Dr. Fauci Disagrees with Trump and Counters Him After Trump Praises Lock down Protesters

Top disease expert on the White House coronavirus task force Dr. Anthony Fauci was forced to do Donald Trump’s job this morning and condemn the Confederates and other people who were out protesting lock down stay at home orders over the weekend. Dr. Fauci tried to explain to the protesters in stark terms why the […]

Trump Accidentally Admits He Supports Confederates & Posts Racist Footage of Former President Obama

There has been little difference between Donald Trump and Confederates over the past 24 hours, as he fully defended literal Confederate flag waving protesters while also posting a piece of footage with so many racial undertones in it, that it would take all day to fully break it down. Last night during his press conference, […]

Dr. Fauci Admits on Easter that Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus Cost More Lives Than It Should’ve

Our worst fears have officially been confirmed by Dr. Tony Fauci this Easter Sunday. Donald Trump’s ignorance and defiance is in fact directly responsible for more Americans dying of Coronavirus than there needed to be, according to Dr. Fauci himself. Dr. Fauci did an interview this Easter Sunday with CNN’s Jake Tapper, where he confirmed […]

Joe Biden Responds to Bernie Sanders’ Suspension of his 2020 Presidential Campaign

Senator Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination had fallen nearly to zero weeks ago, after his loses on Super Tuesday, which is why for weeks now, top voices in the party have been calling on him to drop out of the race. Today Sanders announced that he was doing just that. […]

Trump’s 2020 Re-election Odds Doomed After Florida Coronavirus Approval Data Comes In

Three unique pieces of data have been reported today for the state of Florida that all indicate Donald Trump has little chance of winning the state in the elections later this year. Trump simply cannot afford to lose the crucial swing state of Florida. The first piece of data we got this morning revealed that […]

Illinois’ Governor Destroys Trump’s Attempt to Shift Blame to States over Coronavirus Supplies

Illinois’ Governor J.B. Pritzker gave an interview Sunday with CNN for their “State of the Union” program, where he explained exactly why Donald Trump’s actions are responsible for causing more deaths from Coronavirus than there needed to be. During the interview, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Governor Pritzker to respond to Trump’s recent attempts to blame […]

Trump Responds to Justin Trudeau’s Threats Over Seizing 3M Supplies By Seizing MORE

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was forced to issue a warning on behalf of Canada to Donald Trump yesterday, after Trump used the Defense Production Act Thursday to seize N95 respirators from 3M that were headed to Canada and Latin America. Trump has now ignored that warning, forcing Canada to retaliate, as we will cover […]

Trump’s Decision to Seize 3M Products Backfires After Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Responds

Donald Trump has brought us into what we can call World War 3M after he decided to invoke the Defense Production Act late yesterday and seized N95 respirators from 3M by law. Trumpers cheered on their dear leader as he did this, but this reckless decision has serious consequences and is not productive. Some of […]