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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Initiates Legal Action To Kick Trump & ICE Out Of NY State With Cease & Desist Letter 

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a cease-and-desist letter yesterday to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operating within New York State, saying that the agency uses “aggressive tactics” to make illegal arrests. Cuomo squarely placed the blame on Trump and his administration by saying, “I believe ICE has been politicized, if not directly then […]

Trump Screws Up During Live Fox Interview & Stormy Daniel’s Lawyer Couldn’t Be Happier

Trump decided to give an over the phone live interview this morning to “Fox & Friends,” where he was asked about his lawyer Michael Cohen’s decision to refuse to testify in Daniels’s lawsuit, which also accuses Cohen of defamation. Trump’s response has been labeled a “gift from the heavens,” by Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti. Trump responded […]

Kanye West Loses His Mind & Offers More Support For Trump’s Presidency Than Trump’s Own Family

You may not care about Kayne West or his wife Kim Kardashian, but nonetheless a lot of people do, and together they wield immense influence, which is why it’s so startling that Kayne West today publicly offered Donald Trump more support than even Trump’s family has. Kayne said that he “loves” Trump and that Trump […]

French President Macron Gets Revenge On Trump With Anti-Trump Speech To Congress

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed congress Wednesday morning to wrap up his first three day state visit to the United States, where he got revenge on Trump, after Trump horribly insulted him yesterday. Trump posted that he was excited to watch the speech, but after hearing what Macron said today, he probably wants to delete […]

Trump Horribly Insults Macron By Literally Saying He’s Covered In Dandruff

French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting the United States for three days to discuss Syria and Iran with Donald Trump, but it is hard to see how those talks will go well because Trump is treating Macron like Garbage. During a joint press conference, Trump literally wiped off dandruff from Macron’s shoulder and said, “We have […]

Trump Just Yelled At A Reporter Who Asked About Him Pardoning Cohen ‘STUPID Question’

Donald Trump lost his cool with a reporter this morning who asked him whether he would consider pardoning his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. The question was fair because Trump and the White House have refused to rule out a pardon for Cohen after he was raided by the FBI earlier this month. “Thank you very much,” […]

Trump Just Kissed French President Emmanuel Macron’s Wife 10X Better Than His Own

French President Emmanuel Macron’s State arrival at the White House is well underway and the awkwardness of Trump is showing at every corner. Trump’s media events are carefully crafted and controlled to avoid making him look bad, but they can’t hide everything during these candid and public state visits. The most awkward situation so far […]

Trump Shows Weakness To General Kelly As Macron Meets Pence & Trump’s Cabinet

Trump insists that his relationship with his current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is strong and that anything that states otherwise is fake news. The way the pair acted however at the White House this morning, as Trump and Melania carried out the arrival ceremony of the President of France Emmanuel Macron and his wife […]

Macron Counters Trump’s Bully Handshake & Makes Trump Feel Visibly Uncomfortable

The endless saga of Trump humiliating the highest office of the United States with his ridiculous handshakes might have finally come to a close, at least against France and French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron and his wife Brigitte landed at Joint Base Andrews Monday afternoon, where they were greeted by Trump and Melania before embarking on […]

Trump Takes Racist Action To Stop The New Harriet Tubman $20 Bills From Going into Circulation

Many folks have been looking forward to seeing and using the new Harriett Tubman $20 bill that was approved for minting just about two years ago, when then Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced redesigns for the $20, $10, and $5 bills that would honor civil rights and women’s rights icons including Harriet Tubman, Alice Paul, and […]