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Trump Jr Mocks Me Too Movement & LGBT Community During Conservative Conference

Donald Trump Jr. was given an open stage and a highly far Right crowd to speak to today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which he gleefully used to dehumanize and mock the “Me Too” movement and the LGBT community. Trump Jr. started making his jokes after one of the women on the panel […]

Trump Mocks Secret Service’s Ability To Protect Him During Trip To Alaska ‘you can take them’

After cutting his trip to Vietnam short, Donald Trump made a “surprise” visit to service members on his way back to Washington, during his refueling stop in Alaska. Trump spent 20 minutes speaking to the troops, where he strangely made fun of his own Secret Service team. Trump called Bronze Star recipient Sergeant Sean Rogers […]

Everything Goes Wrong For Trump Overseas After He Returns Home With Absolutely Nothing

North Korea achieved yet another massive victory over the United States, after?Donald Trump?and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended their second summit in Vietnam without any agreement Thursday.?”Sometimes you have to walk,” Trump said at a press?conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.?”This was just one of those times.” Kim Jong Un is simply trying to buy […]

Trump Lashes Out After Former Senator Harry Reid Uses Last Time On Earth To Bash Trump

Former Senator Harry Reid?said in an?interview?with CNN today that there is ?something wrong? with Donald Trump.?Harry Reid is currently battling pancreatic cancer.?This type of cancer is often detected late, spreads rapidly, and has a poor prognosis.?Reid, 79, said in the interview that his pancreatic cancer is in remission. Trump loved attacking the late Senator John […]

Trump’s Emergency Made Pointless After Pentagon Reveals Money Available For His Wall

The move to use a national “emergency” to?redirect funds from federal defense programs to build a border barrier was clearly never thought through because it looks like Donald Trump and his team did not even bother to see how much money the Pentagon actually had available. The Pentagon and Defense Department conducted an analysis of […]

Trump Shows Off New “wall” He Just Built, But It’s Not Even Finished In The Footage & It’s Not A Wall

Apparently Donald Trump has just built a “powerful Wall” in New Mexico 47 days ahead of schedule, or so he claims, in a post he made to his social media this afternoon. The only thing is that this new “wall” doesn’t look anything like a wall and it isn’t even finished in the footage Trump […]

Bernie Sanders Responds After Trump’s Morning Insults, Showing 2020 Is Going To Be Dirty

The 2020 presidential election has indeed already begun and it is off to a very interesting start. Senator?Kamala Harris set records in the first 24 hours after launching her campaign, by raising $1.5 million, but Senator?Bernie Sanders? revealed this morning that?he has raised $5.9 million since announcing yesterday, more than 3 times what Kamala Harris […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Having Fun Trashing Trump In Meetings Overseas With European Allies

Democratic House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi was visiting Brussels over the weekend and was present at the 2019 Munich Security Conference, where she met with leaders of our European allies. Some leaked details of her meetings with European leaders reveal that Speaker Pelosi has been putting Donald Trump in his place and asserting her own […]

Trump Spends Morning Trying To Attack California, But Proves He Can Barely Read & Write Instead

If they ever build the Trump “Presidential” Library, one can only hope that it will include a dedicated wing to Trump Tweets that include misspellings (cofeve, hamberders) and grammatical errors. Trump added to his list of poorly written messages this morning, but these were more than just spelling something wrong, they showed he really doesn’t […]

Trump Tower Exposed By NYC Dept of Health As Having ‘critical’ & Nasty Conditions

The “crown” jewel and Manhattan residence of Donald Trump, Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City, has just had its New York City Department of Health inspection records leaked. They reveal the complete and utter filth going on at Trump’s New York City properties that also provides evidence of a common theme at […]