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New York’s Governor Defies Trump After Trump Promises Imminent Mass Deportations

Desperate to make his racist constituents happy by deporting brown people in mass, Donald Trump announced late last night that his administration will move forward with mass deportations of non-criminals imminently, “Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. […]

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Warns Trump That The City Is Going To Make Him PAY UP

The New York Times’ bombshell investigation that revealed how the Trump family used illegal methods to avoid paying million?of dollars in taxes, looks like it will actually bring justice against Donald Trump. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that the city is doing everything in it’s power to “recoup” as much of […]

President Trump Goes Full On White Supremacist & Attacks Black CEO Who Resigned From His Presidential Council

Kenneth Frazier, African-American CEO of major pharmaceutical company Merck, has resigned this morning from Trump’s American Manufacturing Council, as a direct response to President Trump’s remarks about “many sides” being to blame for?violence over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. Harvard Law grad and CEO Frazier said in a statement that, “Our country’s strength stems from […]

Trump Cuts 3 Day Trip Short & Runs Scared From New York City & Back To Washington

UPDATE 10:53 AM EST: TRUMP returning to NYC TONIGHT! PROTESTS TO MOVE FORWARD TOMORROW! President Trump arrived in New York City last night, marking his first trip to Trump Tower since his inauguration in January. Numerous sources confirmed that President Trump would be spending three nights at Trump Tower in the city, and would arrive […]

7 Brands Putin Profits Off Of, That You Should Avoid

The following brands help put millions into the pockets of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but first, some backstory on everything you need to know about Putin’s wealth. To skip the backstory and go straight to the brands, just scroll down a couple paragraphs. We must vote with our pockets and stop feeding money to a […]

WATCH OUT! Ivanka’s Clothing Being Sold Under DIFFERENT Name

Business of Fashion has confirmed that at least one discount retailer, Stein Mart, is selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line under a completely different name to try and offload her merchandise without people knowing it. G-III owns the right to manufacture and distribute Ivanka Trump apparel through a license agreement and is selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing […]

List of Russian Involved Companies in USA To BOYCOTT

These companies are either Russian owned, or are heavily involved in Russia, creating jobs and income for Russians instead of Americans. They’re all huge and exploit their workers constantly. 1.) Lukoil: It’s one of Russia’s largest oil companies. It is also one of the largest global producers of oil. It owns and operates at least […]

Bernie Sanders ATTACKS & Accuses Trump of TREASON

Senator Bernie Sanders, considered by many to be the most popular and strongest leader of the Democratic movement at the moment, possibly just took hold of the movement against Illegitimate President Trump and push to uncover all of Trump’s ties with the Russians. Trump has spoken fondly of Putin on multiple occasions, saying at one […]

LATINO Community Showing Trump What Happens When You F**K With Their LIVES

Police Departments around the country are seeing a massive drop in the number of Latinos reporting crime since the beginning of 2017. The LAPD in particular has confirmed a HUGE decline of 25 percent in the reporting of sexual assault and domestic violence in particular. The LAPD cites the most obvious reason community self reporting […]

Trump FURIOUS As Dems Plan To BLOCK Trump’s Border Wall

Democrats in the Senate said today that they will block any spending bill that includes money for So-called President Trump?s Mexico border wall. They are threatening a government shutdown over the wall and we voters certainly have their back on that. Democrats are in the minority in the Senate so they and will have to […]