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Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Panics After Fox Gives Him Bad New Data for Trump’s Re-election Odds

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale gave an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, where he found himself completely caught off guard after Hemmer presented him with a new Fox News poll on how Trump is doing with suburban women. Suburban women are going to play a critical role in the 2020 election, just like […]

Hillary Clinton Faces Huge Backlash After Launching Attack on Bernie Sanders ‘Nobody likes him’

We are just slightly less than two weeks from the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses and Hillary Clinton has decided to step in and attack candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders. Hillary gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that was published today, to talk about her upcoming documentary about the 2016 election. Hillary is receiving immense […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Responds to Mitch McConnell’s Impeachment Trial Rules

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are in shock at just how disturbingly far Senate Slime Leader Mitch McConnell is going with his cover up for Donald Trump. McConnell’s impeachment trial rules are not just confirmation of a cover up, they are a direct assault on our system of government. Speaker Pelosi issued a […]

Donald Trump Gives Michelle Obama Birthday Present That Proves He’s Pure Evil

It was former First Lady Michelle Obama’s 56th birthday yesterday and while most of the world celebrated it, like seen in former President Barack Obama’s post below, Donald Trump instead tried to ruin it by doing something absolutely terrible. “In every scene, you are my star, @MichelleObama! Happy birthday, baby!” President Barack Obama wrote on […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Mocks Trump Over His Impeachment on Bill Maher’s Show

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received what seems to be the biggest standing ovation ever in the history of Bill Maher’s show last night after being introduced on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Speaker Pelosi had a great time on the show and both mocked Donald Trump and perhaps showed in action what her strategy is […]

Trump Admits He’s Got No Legitimate Reason for Droning Iran’s Top General ‘doesn’t matter’

The country’s search for a legitimate reason as to why Donald Trump ordered the drone strike on Iran’s top general has basically just been closed, after Trump admitted late this morning that the real reason behind the strike, “doesn’t really matter.” Trump told the nation that it did not matter whether Soleimani was planning an […]

Trump Rages After Speaker Pelosi Reminds Him of How Much Impeachment Has Damaged Him

Donald Trump was reminded Sunday morning, that no matter what happens going forward with his Senate impeachment trail, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has succeeded in deeply scarring the president “for life.” Speaker Pelosi shared her favorite part of her interview this morning with ABC host George Stephanopoulos, in which she addressed Senate Majority Slime […]

Nancy Pelosi Responds to Trump’s “Crazy” Tweets & Him Calling Her Worst Speaker Ever

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked to respond live on air to social media posts and statements about her by Donald Trump, that Trump sent directly to ABC host George Stephanopoulos, right before Stephanopoulos interviewed Speaker Pelosi this morning. The post that was directed at Speaker Pelosi by Trump read, “George @GStephanopoulos, ask Crazy Nancy […]

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper Responds to Trump’s “Four Embassies” Claim Sunday Morning

Friday evening on Fox News, Donald Trump added to the list of lies his administration has given us on the justification for him droning Iran’s top general, by claiming Soleimani was going to attack “four embassies” in Iraq. This Sunday morning, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper totally refuted this nonsensical lie. Esper telling the truth […]

Trump Sends Message to Iranian People and Tries to Start a Revolution with his Phone

There are currently protests going on in Iran over their government’s handling of the airplane they accidentally shot down Tuesday. Donald Trump has just responded to the protests and his response shows that he really believes he can spark a revolution in Iran using his Twitter account. Trump sent the people of Iran a message […]