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Ivanka Trump Responds After University Cancels Her Speech Today For Being Part of Racism

Unelected “Senior” White House adviser Ivanka Trump was set to deliver a commencement speech today for Wichita State Tech’s graduation ceremony in Kansas, but all that came to an end Thursday after she was disinvited by the school. It took an assistant professor at Wichita State University to point out to the school that Ivanka […]

Trump Rages After Being Censored Again and Because He Could Be Kicked Off Social Media

Donald Trump is panicking Friday morning because social media platform Twitter is finally doing the right thing by censoring his insane posts. They are simply no longer letting him get away with breaking their rules and if he keeps it up, they may in fact ban him from the platform. Trump must know this, which […]

Trump Launches Typo Attack After Getting Upset with former President George W. Bush’s Coronavirus Message

Former GOP President George W. Bush, who is also the former worst president ever, before Donald Trump came along, recorded a message for America and published it mid day yesterday. Overall the message was super generic and W for sure did not write it himself. Towards the end of the message, Bush called for everyone […]

NYC Reports Disturbing Change in Poison Control Calls After Trump Says to Inject Lysol

Donald Trump tried to claim yesterday that his suggestion that people could inject disinfectants into their bodies to fight Coronavirus, was nothing but “sarcasm.” But less than 24 hours later, New York City’s Poison Control Center is reporting troubling news. NYC poison control says it has received at least 30 calls about issues related to […]

Trump Gives Horrible Excuse For Why He Said People Could Use Cleaning Products as Coronavirus Treatment

Early this morning, the manufacturer of Lysol was forced to issue a press release titled “Improper use of Disinfectants,” after Donald Trump suggested last night at his press conference that people could inject disinfectants into their bodies to fight Coronavirus. Trump officially responded to a question about his horrible idea at the White House early […]

Lysol Maker Forced to Condemn Trump After He Suggests It Could Be Coronavirus Treatment

The manufacturer of Lysol and other cleaning products was forced to issue a press release this morning titled “Improper use of Disinfectants” after Donald Trump suggested last night at his press conference that people could inject disinfectants into their bodies to fight Coronavirus. This is for sure one of the craziest and most dangerous things […]

Ivanka Trump Thinks She Outsmarted Joe Biden in Attack Against Him Over Coronavirus

Ivanka Trump took some time to participate in the 2020 presidential election by taking what former Vice president Joe Biden said recently about Dr. Fauci out of context to try and seem smart. Her attack on presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Biden makes her look just as bad as her father. Ivanka tried to attack […]

Study Shows Trump’s Pal & Fox News Host Hannity’s Coronavirus Coverage Caused Extra Cases

The Coronavirus pandemic is so widespread that reliable patterns have begun to emerge in the data. This is what happens when you have a situation like this, where nearly 800,000 Americans have tested positive for Coronavirus as of this morning on April 21st. And what the data is showing is shocking but also not that […]

Dr. Fauci Disagrees with Trump and Counters Him After Trump Praises Lock down Protesters

Top disease expert on the White House coronavirus task force Dr. Anthony Fauci was forced to do Donald Trump’s job this morning and condemn the Confederates and other people who were out protesting lock down stay at home orders over the weekend. Dr. Fauci tried to explain to the protesters in stark terms why the […]

Trump Accidentally Admits He Supports Confederates & Posts Racist Footage of Former President Obama

There has been little difference between Donald Trump and Confederates over the past 24 hours, as he fully defended literal Confederate flag waving protesters while also posting a piece of footage with so many racial undertones in it, that it would take all day to fully break it down. Last night during his press conference, […]