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Jared Kushner Gives Worst Interview You’ll Ever See & Fails To Defend Trump From Criticism

The title here is not an exaggeration, as we are unable to find any interview captured on film that is as bad as Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner’s with HBO that aired yesterday. The Trump administration does do a good job of putting expert liars and fraudsters on camera that are prepared to […]

Trump Calls Slave Owner Great ‘whether you like it or not’ & Defends ‘fine people’ In Charlottesville

Open white supremacist Donald Trump let it all out Friday morning and defended the comments he made in the aftermath of the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., in which he said there was “very fine people on both sides.” Donald was asked about his comments today by a reporter at the White House […]

Trump Lashes Out At Mueller After House Prepares To Force Full Release Of His Report

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report was an immense 400+ pages long, without including supporting exhibits and documents, yet Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr was able to release his “summary” of the report in less than 48 hours. Something is going on because Trump is back to attacking the Mueller report this morning and […]

Trump Admits Ordering Staff To Obstruct House Democrats’ Investigations Into His Administration

Donald Trump made some concerning statements today about House Democrats’ investigations, while he was leaving the White House to waste his weekend away at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Trump was asked, “Are you telling your staff not to comply?” Trump refused to deny that he is ordering his staff to obstruct the House investigations and requests […]

Trump Back To Begging To Congress For Wall Funding Because He’s Terrible At Building Anything

Is it really a surprise that the most fake real estate “developer” in the world grossly underestimated the costs of a building project? It looks like that’s exactly what Donald Trump did, because he’s back to begging Congress for money for his border wall. Get ready for another fight, because Trump is now asking Congress […]

Schiff Answers Trump’s A.M. Attacks By Revealing Hire Of Last Prosecutor Trump Wants On His Case

Donald Trump continued to go to war this morning with the very people who have power to investigate him out of office, with direct attacks on top Democrats leading House investigatory committees and investigations into Trump’s hidden finances and collusion. “Now that they realize the only Collusion with Russia was done by Crooked Hillary Clinton […]

Trump Lashes Out After Former Senator Harry Reid Uses Last Time On Earth To Bash Trump

Former Senator Harry Reid?said in an?interview?with CNN today that there is ?something wrong? with Donald Trump.?Harry Reid is currently battling pancreatic cancer.?This type of cancer is often detected late, spreads rapidly, and has a poor prognosis.?Reid, 79, said in the interview that his pancreatic cancer is in remission. Trump loved attacking the late Senator John […]

Trump Shows Off New “wall” He Just Built, But It’s Not Even Finished In The Footage & It’s Not A Wall

Apparently Donald Trump has just built a “powerful Wall” in New Mexico 47 days ahead of schedule, or so he claims, in a post he made to his social media this afternoon. The only thing is that this new “wall” doesn’t look anything like a wall and it isn’t even finished in the footage Trump […]

Bernie Sanders Responds After Trump’s Morning Insults, Showing 2020 Is Going To Be Dirty

The 2020 presidential election has indeed already begun and it is off to a very interesting start. Senator?Kamala Harris set records in the first 24 hours after launching her campaign, by raising $1.5 million, but Senator?Bernie Sanders? revealed this morning that?he has raised $5.9 million since announcing yesterday, more than 3 times what Kamala Harris […]

Trump Spends Morning Trying To Attack California, But Proves He Can Barely Read & Write Instead

If they ever build the Trump “Presidential” Library, one can only hope that it will include a dedicated wing to Trump Tweets that include misspellings (cofeve, hamberders) and grammatical errors. Trump added to his list of poorly written messages this morning, but these were more than just spelling something wrong, they showed he really doesn’t […]