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Ivanka Trump Responds To New Art Exhibit That Lets You Throw Dirt At Her

New York-based artist Jennifer Rubell launched her new?art exhibit in Washington DC this week, which lets visitors to throw dirt at an Ivanka Trump lookalike model and watch her clean it up. Ivanka Trump responded to this ?Ivanka Vacuuming? exhibit this morning, which prompted a response from?Rubell. Let’s take a look at the exhibit and […]

Trump Doesn’t ‘Care’ About Ocasio-Cortez, But Her Plans For His SOTU Will Change That ‘none of it’

Donald Trump responded last month to accusations from Democratic House Representative from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by saying, “who cares?” Trump made a huge mistake in dismissing?Ocasio-Cortez because she is still gaining and adding to her immense popularity. It looks like she didn’t take kindly to the words either, because she has been making a […]

Trump’s Effort To Remove Dictator Maduro Backfires After Maduro Calls Trump’s Bluff ‘stop’

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro was showing signs of weakness last week as the Trump administration moved to try and remove him from power, but everything changed today after Maduro viciously spoke out against Donald Trump. Trump seriously misunderstood everything about Venezuela and he is now faced with a dictator calling his bluff and daring him […]

Trump Snubbed 2x After Patriots Player Refuses Visit After Super Bowl Win & Offers Alternative

New England Patriots player Duron Harmon, who had two of the biggest plays of the Super Bowl last night, said that he won?t visit Donald Trump?s White House to celebrate the team?s Super Bowl win. He did however offer an alternative to visiting Trump that snubs Trump even more. Speaking to reporters after the Patriots? […]

GOP Can’t Say Anything About Northam Until They Explain What Mitch McConnell Was Doing Here

Republicans are in an uproar about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam?s medical school yearbook page, which top Democratic 2020 presidential candidates have already condemned, but a resurfaced photograph featuring Senate Leader Mitch McConnell raises an entirely new controversy. Mitch McConnell posed for a picture around 1989 in?front of a Confederate flag, allegedly taken at a Sons […]

Trump Trashes NFL Football & Protesters Of Police Brutality Ahead Of Superbowl

It’s Superbowl Sunday,?which has been the?most watched?American television event for years, with over 114.4 million viewers on average. Donald Trump decided to bash the NFL the morning before the Superbowl because he remains entrenched in his anti-kneeling/anti-brown people position against NFL players like Colin Kaepernick. Trump began his trashing of the NFL by saying that […]

Trump’s Responds To Gov. Northam Scandal But Fails To Do The One Thing He Needed To

All five of the top Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have called on Governor Ralph Northam to resign after it was discovered that his medical school yearbook page had a highly racist photo on it. In political terms, this is unfortunately could have been advantageous for Donald Trump, […]

Trumps Finances Were Worse Than Thought In 2016, His Main Foreign Bank Denied Him Loan

Many folks point to the fact that Donald Trump was unable to access any kind of lending from United States banks to show that he is under the influence of foreign powers and/or in financial ruin. A new report however about a loan candidate Trump tried to get from?Deutsche Bank during the 2016 campaign reveals […]

Trump Insults Kamala Harris In 1st Response To Her 2020 Presidential Campaign ‘Kameela’

Donald Trump told?The New York Times?in an interview late last night that, ?I would say the best opening so far would be Kamala Harris,? in his first public response to her campaign. He said her first campaign rally got ?A better crowd, better crowd, better enthusiasm. Some of the others were very flat.? Trump put […]

Nancy Pelosi Responds To Trump Calling For A Wall Once Again ‘Oh really? No, come on’

Donald Trump lashed out on social media this morning and completely changed his tune regarding funding for his border wall. Trump is now insisting that we call what he wants a ?wall,? and?he’s referring to existing barriers as walls, signaling that he has given up on funding his wall and is preparing to declare an […]