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Trump Gets Owned 3rd Day in a Row by Jim Acosta & Admits He Needs Coronavirus Testing

Donald Trump held a news conference today at the White House, where he declared a National Emergency to free up billions in federal funds to assist states in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. Two moments of note during the conference were CNN’s Jim Acosta once again asking Trump the questions that need to be asked […]

Brazil Announces President Has Coronavirus, Hints He May Have Gotten it From Trump

Brazil’s far right President Jair Bolsonaro has officially tested positive for coronavirus, which is karma after he previously called the outbreak a “fantasy.” Over the weekend he met with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where they ate a dinner and were pictured touching each other. The odds that Trump has become infected are now through the […]

Trump Can No Longer Deny Testing After Brazil’s President Gets Coronavirus Test Results

Donald Trump’s failure to take Coronavirus seriously has increased the chances that he got it, and may possibly die from it, to incredibly high percentages. We already knew a Brazilian aide that Trump and his team met with over the weekend tested positive for the virus, but this morning we got confirmation that the situation […]

Jim Acosta Proves Trump Lying About Not Being ‘concerned’ After Contact with Coronavirus Patient

Doing God’s work, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has delivered once again today and provided evidence that Trump is completely lying about his contact with a Brazilian infected with Coronavirus. Let’s quickly review what Trump said, especially for those who may not be caught up, and then look at Acosta’s evidence that Trump is […]

Trump Replaces Himself with Ivanka at Event He’s Abandoning Because of Coronavirus

We cannot rely on Donald Trump to protect us from Coronavirus when he isn’t even doing the basics for himself, like getting tested, and is now proving he can’t even take care of his family. The Trump Campaign has been cancelling campaign events as the nation grinds to a halt to stop the spread of […]

Mike Pence Surprisingly Admits Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Behavior and Response ‘irresponsible’

It looks like Mike Pence is doing everything he can to confirm the rumors that Donald Trump will replace him with Nikki Halley as his pick for Vice President, because he just threw Trump under the bus this morning. Not like it matters much anyway because Trump will not be getting re-elected this year. Pence […]

GOP Rep Quarantining Over Coronavirus Jokes About Spreading It To Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Adding to the long list of horribly disgusting things we only see from the Republican Party, one of the GOP House Representatives under self quarantine made a ridiculously gross joke about giving it to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. GOP slime Representative Paul Gosar shook hands “several” times with the Conservative Political Action Conference […]

Trump’s New Chief of Staff Refuses to Enter WHouse, Despite Negative Coronavirus Test Results

Coronavirus has in fact made its way right up to the gates of the White House, as last night there were enough facts to justify asking Donald Trump whether he has been tested for the deadly affliction. We’ll get to that in a second, but when we examine the facts surrounding Trump’s new Chief of […]

Trump Answers If He’s Been Tested for Coronavirus at Press Briefing in Worst Way Possible

The nation wants to know whether Donald Trump has been tested for Coronavirus for good reasons, as we will explain in this post. Something very serious is going on because Donald Trump abruptly abandoned a critical press conference tonight on Coronavirus and left his team standing at the podium. It is now confirmed that Trump […]

Trump in Danger After Prankster Matt Gaetz Just Got What He Deserved For Wearing Gas Mask

Well look who’s laughing now? We don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for GOP Representative Matt Gaetz, after he just became the latest member of Congress that now has to enter self-quarantine because of attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Gaetz is the absolute moron who wore a gas mask on the floor of […]