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Pelosi Calls for Review of Trump’s Covid Response That Could Lead to 2nd Impeachment

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear that she knows there was something wrong with Donald Trump’s response to the Coronavirus crisis in the United States and directly said that we will get to the bottom of it with some kind of investigation when the time is more appropriate. Speaker Pelosi did an interview […]

NY Gov. Cuomo Responds After Trump Says He Might Seal Off Entire State of New York & Other States

Donald Trump is out causing even more chaos early Saturday afternoon after he revealed that he’s considering some kind of short-term quarantine on New York, New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut. “I’m thinking about that right now. We might not have to do it but there’s a possibility that sometime today we’ll do a […]

Trump Goes Too Far Attacking Governors By Threatening To Use Defense Production Act On Them

It’s possible that someone close to Donald Trump has told him that he has no chance of winning re-election this year, because why else would he destroy his chances of winning the incredibly crucial for any candidate swing state of Michigan? Trump officially went way too far today with his ongoing feud with multiple State […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Defeats GOP Rep. That Tried to Hold Up Vote on Coronavirus Bill

The desperately needed $2 trillion coronavirus relief package was almost delayed until tomorrow today after GOP slime Representative Thomas Massie from Kentucky tried to force an in person vote on the bill. This would have required all members of the House to return to Washington D.C. to vote on the bill which could have delayed […]

Reporter Completely Destroys GOP Pond Scum Mitch McConnell Over Coronavirus Relief Bill

Senate Scammer Mitch McConnell was caught unable to respond today after a brave news reporter called him out directly for being the shady scammer he is over the crafting of what is in fact the largest bill that will ever be passed in U.S. history. House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democrats, including leader […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Declares Victory Over GOP Pond Scum & Trump with Coronavirus Bill

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is enjoying her 80th birthday, especially because the history books will show how hard she fought to make sure the Coronavirus relief bill takes cares of American workers instead of corporations. She probably guaranteed whoever becomes the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee victory in November as well. Speaker Pelosi just declared […]

Trump Explains Why He’ll ‘continue’ Attacking Democratic Govs and Obama Over Coronavirus

Donald Trump was asked today about his ongoing attacks specifically on Democratic leaders across the country as the nation tries to deal with Coronavirus. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo showed that he was taking the high road this afternoon, but it looks like that is not going to matter because Trump vowed to not stop […]

NY Gov. Cuomo Responds to Trump’s AM Attack & Shows Why Trump Shouldn’t Be in Office

Hopefully we can see an end to the fighting between Donald Trump and our nation’s governors as the Coronavirus crisis continues to escalate by the hour. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was attacked again this morning by Trump, but it looks like he is going to try and take the high road so he can […]

Trump Puts Down Michigan’s Governor for Asking for Help During National Emergency

Less than an hour after continuing his fighting with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Donald Trump started another fight with Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer. At the exact moment the nation needs to come together, Trump is tearing it apart with this unprecedented fighting. “Failing Michigan Governor must work harder and be much more proactive. We […]

Trump Reveals Timeline of When Coronavirus Will “wash through” and Infect Society

Do you feel like the government has not been forthcoming with what’s going on with Coronavirus? Well wonder no more, because it seems like now, after the rich have had time to take care of their affairs, we are being told something that still might not even be the full truth. Donald Trump has been […]