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Trump Horribly Insults Macron By Literally Saying He’s Covered In Dandruff

French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting the United States for three days to discuss Syria and Iran with Donald Trump, but it is hard to see how those talks will go well because Trump is treating Macron like Garbage. During a joint press conference, Trump literally wiped off dandruff from Macron’s shoulder and said, “We have […]

Trump Just Yelled At A Reporter Who Asked About Him Pardoning Cohen ‘STUPID Question’

Donald Trump lost his cool with a reporter this morning who asked him whether he would consider pardoning his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. The question was fair because Trump and the White House have refused to rule out a pardon for Cohen after he was raided by the FBI earlier this month. “Thank you very much,” […]

Trump Just Kissed French President Emmanuel Macron’s Wife 10X Better Than His Own

French President Emmanuel Macron’s State arrival at the White House is well underway and the awkwardness of Trump is showing at every corner. Trump’s media events are carefully crafted and controlled to avoid making him look bad, but they can’t hide everything during these candid and public state visits. The most awkward situation so far […]

Trump Shows Weakness To General Kelly As Macron Meets Pence & Trump’s Cabinet

Trump insists that his relationship with his current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is strong and that anything that states otherwise is fake news. The way the pair acted however at the White House this morning, as Trump and Melania carried out the arrival ceremony of the President of France Emmanuel Macron and his wife […]

Macron Counters Trump’s Bully Handshake & Makes Trump Feel Visibly Uncomfortable

The endless saga of Trump humiliating the highest office of the United States with his ridiculous handshakes might have finally come to a close, at least against France and French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron and his wife Brigitte landed at Joint Base Andrews Monday afternoon, where they were greeted by Trump and Melania before embarking on […]

Trump Calls Stormy Daniels Police Sketch ‘Con Job’ But Look Who He’s Been Seen With

Donald Trump made his first social media posts about the Stormy Daniels scandal this morning, where he attacked a composite sketch of a man who she says threatened her over her “alleged” affair with Trump more than a decade ago. Trump called it a “total con job,” but after his lawyer Michael Cohen was busted by […]

Trump Just Made Horribly Racist Remarks Against Hispanics To Cheering Crowd In Florida

Today Trump hosted a tax cuts for Florida small businesses round table public event in Hialeah, Florida, where he made what are most certainly some of his most racist remarks ever about Hispanics in America. Trump spoke about how much easier taxes will be to fill out for most Americans and discussed various ways he […]

Trump Lashes Out At FBI Sunday Morning But Preet Bharara Just Put Him In His Place

Former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, who was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions last year, responded to Trump’s Sunday morning lashing out at Comey and the FBI in general. Trump said that “Attorney Client privilege is now a thing of the past,” as he whined this morning out of fear […]

Russia Just Warned Its Citizens To Prepare For Nuclear War, Should You Be Concerned?

Russia’s state-owned television network is sounding the alarm on a potential nuclear war between the United States and Russia and is running segments pushing the country’s citizens to stock their bunkers with water and basic food and supplies. You can watch the segment below, as even though it is in Russian, it is heavily imagery […]

We Just Got Our First Sign That Michael Cohen Is Considering Flipping On Trump

After the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office, who is Trump’s personal lawyer, he took peculiar action in regards to interacting with the media, that signals that Cohen is already breaking away from Trump. Cohen gave his first remarks to Don Lemon and CNN, with CNN essentially being Donald Trump’s arch rival. Very important, is that […]