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Trump Hit By Knockout Blow After Cohen Reveals Evidence He Gave Mueller On Campaign Finance Violations

We saw strong evidence that Donald Trump was probably guilty of campaign finance law violations in court filings from New York prosecutors handling Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen’s case, but some questions were left unanswered and left to speculation. Trump was referred to in the filings as “Individual 1” and the filings stated that Cohen […]

Melania Trump Reveals Hardest Part Of Being In The White House & Ducks 2nd Term Q

Melania Trump gave an interview with Sean Hannity aboard the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier late Wednesday, in which she talked about the possibility of a second term in the White House and also her least favorite part of being in the White House. “This is temporary. You see it as temporary. Would you want to […]

Trump Announces John Kelly Leaving White House After Mueller-Kelly Connection Revealed

President Trump announced this afternoon that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly will be leaving his administration at the end of this year, before boarding Marine One. The timing of this announcement cannot be understated, as it comes less than 24 hours after Mueller and New York prosecutors filed incredibly damaging documents for Trump. Trump was […]

Trump & Mike Pence Both Caught Badly Screwing Up Etiquette At Bush’s Funeral Service

Donald Trump and Mike Pence were both caught breaking basic funeral etiquette as the nation bid farewell to former President George H.W. Bush on Wednesday with his state funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral. It is important to note that Bush is a veteran and he enlisted in the U.S. Navy on his 18th birthday, […]

Trump Uses Deeply Offensive Phrase To Chinese & Damages Chances Of Trade War Resolution

Donald Trump announced progress Monday morning in the trade war with China that he started himself, but for some reason included a phrase that is deeply insulting to China. We cannot know for sure if Trump did this intentionally, so you will have to decide his intent for yourself. Trump said that he and Chinese […]

Hot Mic Catches Trump Running From World Leaders At G20 Summit “get me out of here”

Donald Trump hates going abroad because he has to step outside the bubble he has created for himself in the White House. Trump was caught on a hot mic at the end of the two day G20 summit in Argentina that has just finished up, and what he said proves he hates being around other world […]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Mocks Trump To His Face At G20 Summit With Sarcastic Praise

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe “praised” Donald Trump today in a manner designed to grab headlines and mock Trump at the G20 summit taking place in Argentina. Abe offered praise for Trump that was over the top and clearly sarcasm, in a likely attempt to get back at Trump for something similar Trump did a […]

Trump Responds After Disastrous Earthquake Strikes Alaska By Hyping It Up ‘big one’

Although no deaths or serious injuries have been reported, Alaska’s Governor Bill Walker has issued a declaration of disaster following a massive magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck the state’s largest capital of Anchorage. Damage in the state was captured on camera, which we will explore after we see how Trump initially responded to this disaster. […]

Justin Trudeau Ruins Trump’s ‘New’ Trade Deal By Defying Him In His Face At G-20 Summit

Donald Trump signed a trade deal this morning between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada at the G-20 summit in Argentina, but Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau stole the show in some subtle and not so subtle ways, making Trump look weak on this “deal.” Justin Trudeau told Trump to his face to remove steel and aluminum […]

Melania Trump Finally Admits That She Thinks Online Bullying Is Okay, ‘sometimes’

First lady Melania Trump argued today that sometimes it’s fine to partake in online bullying as long as it’s done under certain exceptions. The online bullying by her husband Donald and her subsequent silence in condemning his violence have undercut her “Be Best campaign” that focuses on preventing cyberbullying. Now that we know how she really feels, we can see […]