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Rudy Giuliani Goes Against Trump & Admits He’s Not Innocent & Will Issue Pardons After Mueller Probe Concludes

Donald Trump’s newest lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in an interview with ABC News late Saturday, that he disagrees with Trump’s claim that the Justice Department’s internal report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe “totally exonerates him.” “Well, I don’t think it exonerates him,” Giuliani said. This is the first time that Giuliani has outright disagreed with Trump […]

Trump Wants Americans To Fear & Worship Him The Way North Koreans Fear Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump gave an impromptu interview with Fox News this morning on the White House lawn, where he said that he wants “his people” to listen to him like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s people listen to him. “He’s the head of a country. And I mean, he is the strong head,” Trump said of Kim […]

Trump Calls FBI ‘scum’ & Declares He May Get ‘involved’ With Mueller’s Investigation

Donald Trump Friday morning declared that the conclusion of a report by the Justice Department’s internal watchdog was “wrong,” insisting that it showed that top FBI officials acted with political bias against him. “The end result was wrong. I mean, there was total bias,” Trump said in an interview from the White House lawn with “Fox […]

Trump Gave Up Something For Nothing To North Korea During Summit, Or Did He?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump held a U.S.-North Korean summit at the Capella Hotel on Tuesday in Singapore, where Trump entered into an agreement that most consider to be a win for North Korea and a loss for the United States. The current situation with North Korea has basically remained the same […]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Makes Trump Pay For Lashing Out Over Weekend With Harsh Words

Trump has succeeded in angering and frustrating some of the United States’ closest allies, after he abruptly decided to back out of an agreed upon G7 communiqué over Twitter early Sunday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her frustration in having to deal with Trump in a lengthy interview that was released this morning, in which she had […]

Germany & France Respond To Trump Ruining U.S. Relationship With Europe & Put Him In His Place

Donald Trump decided to officially back out of a G7 communique using a Twitter message yesterday, which has ended up destroying the United States’ historic levels of trust with Europe. France and Germany have already responded to Trump’s unpresidential move and it’s not looking good. French President Macron’s office said France and other EU countries […]

Trump Insulted Women At Gender Equality Breakfast At The G7 Summit This Morning

Donald Trump was scheduled to participate in the Gender Equality Advisory Council Breakfast this morning at the G7 Summit in Quebec, Canada, where he ended up arriving at least 15 minutes late and made a mockery of the event. Footage and photos of the incident perfectly sum up how rude his behavior was, as seen […]

Trump Offers To Pardon Muhammad Ali, But He Won’t Like Ali’s Family’s Response

Donald Trump suggested Friday morning that he was seriously thinking about issuing a pardon for legendary and late boxer Muhammad Ali. “He was not very popular then; his memory is very popular now,” Trump told reporters. “I’m thinking about Muhammad Ali. I’m thinking about that very seriously.” Pres. Trump considering additional pardons, including late boxing icon […]

Trump’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani Claims They Do Not Have To Comply With Mueller

Rudy Giuliani said during a Sunday morning interview that Donald Trump would not have to comply with a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. “We don’t have to (comply with a subpoena). He’s the president of the United States. We can assert same privilege as other presidents have,” Giuliani said on ABC, […]

Trump Tries To Fix Rudy Giuliani’s Stormy Blunder By Calling Him Ignorant ‘he’ll get his facts straight’

Donald Trump this Friday morning, while speaking to reporters before boarding Air Force One at the White House, attempted to distance himself from comments made by Rudy Giuliani about the Stormy Daniels scandal. Trump also reiterated his “willingness” to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller by insisting, “I would like to speak because we’ve done nothing wrong.” Trump […]