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Trump’s 2020 Re-election Odds Doomed After Florida Coronavirus Approval Data Comes In

Three unique pieces of data have been reported today for the state of Florida that all indicate Donald Trump has little chance of winning the state in the elections later this year. Trump simply cannot afford to lose the crucial swing state of Florida. The first piece of data we got this morning revealed that […]

Illinois’ Governor Destroys Trump’s Attempt to Shift Blame to States over Coronavirus Supplies

Illinois’ Governor J.B. Pritzker gave an interview Sunday with CNN for their “State of the Union” program, where he explained exactly why Donald Trump’s actions are responsible for causing more deaths from Coronavirus than there needed to be. During the interview, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Governor Pritzker to respond to Trump’s recent attempts to blame […]

Trump Responds to Justin Trudeau’s Threats Over Seizing 3M Supplies By Seizing MORE

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was forced to issue a warning on behalf of Canada to Donald Trump yesterday, after Trump used the Defense Production Act Thursday to seize N95 respirators from 3M that were headed to Canada and Latin America. Trump has now ignored that warning, forcing Canada to retaliate, as we will cover […]

Schiff Proves Trump Knows He Messed Up Coronavirus Response & Announces New Investigation

House Representative Adam Schiff masterfully countered and destroyed Donald Trump and the GOP’s current favorite talking point about Coronavirus yesterday. At some point recently, you have probably heard the argument that Trump was distracted by impeachment and that impacted his ability to respond to the Coronavirus crisis. This idea is being used by the GOP […]

Trump Signs Deal with Johnson & Johnson for Coronavirus Vaccine, But Delivery Date Isn’t What He Promised

Remember how Donald Trump repeatedly said we would have a Coronavirus vaccine in as quickly as two months? He did this at the White House, even as Dr. Fauci told him that he was out of his mind for thinking it would be ready that quickly, as seen in the footage below. Feel free to refresh […]

Pelosi Calls for Review of Trump’s Covid Response That Could Lead to 2nd Impeachment

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear that she knows there was something wrong with Donald Trump’s response to the Coronavirus crisis in the United States and directly said that we will get to the bottom of it with some kind of investigation when the time is more appropriate. Speaker Pelosi did an interview […]

NY Gov. Cuomo Responds After Trump Says He Might Seal Off Entire State of New York & Other States

Donald Trump is out causing even more chaos early Saturday afternoon after he revealed that he’s considering some kind of short-term quarantine on New York, New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut. “I’m thinking about that right now. We might not have to do it but there’s a possibility that sometime today we’ll do a […]

Trump Goes Too Far Attacking Governors By Threatening To Use Defense Production Act On Them

It’s possible that someone close to Donald Trump has told him that he has no chance of winning re-election this year, because why else would he destroy his chances of winning the incredibly crucial for any candidate swing state of Michigan? Trump officially went way too far today with his ongoing feud with multiple State […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Defeats GOP Rep. That Tried to Hold Up Vote on Coronavirus Bill

The desperately needed $2 trillion coronavirus relief package was almost delayed until tomorrow today after GOP slime Representative Thomas Massie from Kentucky tried to force an in person vote on the bill. This would have required all members of the House to return to Washington D.C. to vote on the bill which could have delayed […]

Trump Explains Why He’ll ‘continue’ Attacking Democratic Govs and Obama Over Coronavirus

Donald Trump was asked today about his ongoing attacks specifically on Democratic leaders across the country as the nation tries to deal with Coronavirus. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo showed that he was taking the high road this afternoon, but it looks like that is not going to matter because Trump vowed to not stop […]