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Conservative Explains Why Less Democrats Will Fall Victim to Coronavirus Than Republicans

Right wing media and Trumpers are losing their minds after Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin delivered uncomfortable facts right to their doorsteps on Sunday. What she said was harsh, but it is factually based. Yesterday on MSNBC?s ?AM Joy,? the Post’s Jennifer Rubin theorized that less Democrats will die of Coronavirus than Republicans because they […]

Trump Tries to Get Everyone Buying Up All the Toilet Paper to Stop But Makes It Worse

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware that supermarkets and stores across the nation are running into serious supply issues. People have lost their got dan minds and are buying up all the toilet paper and everything else beyond levels that they could possibly need. This is a situation in which the government […]

Trump Gets Owned 3rd Day in a Row by Jim Acosta & Admits He Needs Coronavirus Testing

Donald Trump held a news conference today at the White House, where he declared a National Emergency to free up billions in federal funds to assist states in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. Two moments of note during the conference were CNN’s Jim Acosta once again asking Trump the questions that need to be asked […]

Jim Acosta Proves Trump Lying About Not Being ‘concerned’ After Contact with Coronavirus Patient

Doing God’s work, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has delivered once again today and provided evidence that Trump is completely lying about his contact with a Brazilian infected with Coronavirus. Let’s quickly review what Trump said, especially for those who may not be caught up, and then look at Acosta’s evidence that Trump is […]

Mike Pence Surprisingly Admits Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Behavior and Response ‘irresponsible’

It looks like Mike Pence is doing everything he can to confirm the rumors that Donald Trump will replace him with Nikki Halley as his pick for Vice President, because he just threw Trump under the bus this morning. Not like it matters much anyway because Trump will not be getting re-elected this year. Pence […]

Trump Blames Europe for Spread of Coronavirus to Cover Up His Own Failed Response

What does Donald Trump always do when backed into a mess that he created for himself? Deflect, distract, and blame others. That’s exactly what Trump did tonight, by attacking the European Union and using them as a scapegoat for his own failure to take Coronavirus seriously. “Taking early intense action, we have seen dramatically fewer […]

Jim Acosta Strikes Again and Gets Trump So Mad He Throws Reporters Out of Press Conference

Donald Trump held a Coronavirus response meeting at the White House today, where he took questions from reporters. CNN’s Jim Acosta once again was the only reporter in the room willing to risk his career to ask Trump the questions that need to be asked. Acosta asked President Trump, “What do you say to Americans […]

Trump Answers If He’s Been Tested for Coronavirus at Press Briefing in Worst Way Possible

The nation wants to know whether Donald Trump has been tested for Coronavirus for good reasons, as we will explain in this post. Something very serious is going on because Donald Trump abruptly abandoned a critical press conference tonight on Coronavirus and left his team standing at the podium. It is now confirmed that Trump […]

Speaker Pelosi Responds After Trump Insults the Irish In a Way No Other President Has

Every year, whoever is Speaker of the House hosts a St. Patrick’s Day lunch in the Capitol. This tradition goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan, but for the first time since 2003, the President of the United States will not be attending. Donald Trump has officially rejected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s invite and […]

Trump & Family at Elevated Risk of Getting Coronavirus After Ted Cruz Announces Self-Quarantine

Confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States are officially increasing at an exponential rate and we are now up to 566 cases across the country. The country is not prepared for the fact that this week will see an explosion of cases into the thousands and more deaths. We are in trouble because not […]