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Melania Tells Nation Not to Question Her & Go Do Some ‘good’ in Response to Tennis Court Criticism

First lady Melania Trump got really upset this Saturday morning after she was criticized for what she was doing at the White House Friday. First let’s take a look at what she was attacked over and then see her clearly non proportionate response. She herself shared and revealed the “progress” of a tennis court that […]

Fact Check Proves Trump Made Up Fake Story of Child Losing Family in Tennessee Tornadoes

Donald Trump visited areas devastated by deadly Tornadoes in Tennessee yesterday, where the death toll has now been confirmed at 25 people. While surveying damage, we noticed Trump embellished and made up his own version of what happened to a child that lost his family. But upon further review, we discovered that Trump wasn’t making […]

Trump Makes Up Story About Child Who Lost Entire Family in Tornado Ravaged Tennessee

The only thing Donald Trump is worse at than his embarrassing overseas visits is when he visits areas of the country that have been devastated by natural disasters. Never in his life has Trump had to worry about a natural disaster, so he simply has no empathy for the victims, as you are about to […]

Pence Admits Trump Has Failed To Have Government Ready to Protect Us From Coronavirus

Vice President Mike Pence openly admitted this afternoon that the Trump administration has failed to have ready what’s basically THE most critical component in protecting the Nation against Coronavirus. The assurance Donald Trump has been trying to give the public about what he’s doing to protect us from this virus is without factual basis. Pence […]

Melania Says She’s ‘proud’ of What U.S. Does for Women As Trump Attacks Elizabeth Warren

First “lady” Melania Trump gave a speech today at the International Women of Courage Awards at the State Department in Washington, where she said she’s, “proud of what this country continues to do for women.” “I’m honored to represent a nation that not only recognizes women around the world who are making a difference internationally, […]

Donald Trump Makes Pharma CEO Explain What Vaccines Are During Coronavirus Meeting

Would you be surprised if you found out that Donald Trump does not understand what exactly vaccines or viral treatments are and how they work? No, no you wouldn’t. Just in case you would be surprised, you need to see what Trump asked, about an upcoming Coronavirus vaccine, so you can understand how poorly informed […]

Trump Responds to First Coronavirus Death on U.S. Soil Says Only the ‘healthy’ Will Survive

It gets worse by the second folks I swear. The nation is legitimately beginning to panic after the first American on U.S. soil was confirmed to have died from Coronavirus and Donald Trump is doing the opposite of calming people down. Expect a run on the stores as Trump’s own words spread and people realize […]

Trump Holds Press Conference After First Death from Coronavirus on U.S. Soil Confirmed

Numerous sources have confirmed that the first death on American soil as a result of Coronavirus has occurred. Details are limited right now on who exactly the person is, how old they were, or how they contracted the virus. The person died at Evergreen Health Medical Center in Washington State. Earlier today, Trump announced on […]

Rep. Ted Lieu Destroys Mike Pompeo for Refusing to Answer Basic Coronavirus Question

Democratic Representative from California Ted Lieu tried to ask Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Trump administration beginning to call Coronavirus a “Democrat hoax,” during a House hearing on Friday. The country is in such a sad state of affairs that we actually need to determine whether the administration thinks the biggest […]