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Trump Trashes NFL Football & Protesters Of Police Brutality Ahead Of Superbowl

It’s Superbowl Sunday, which has been the most watched American television event for years, with over 114.4 million viewers on average. Donald Trump decided to bash the NFL the morning before the Superbowl because he remains entrenched in his anti-kneeling/anti-brown people position against NFL players like Colin Kaepernick. Trump began his trashing of the NFL by saying that […]

Trump’s Responds To Gov. Northam Scandal But Fails To Do The One Thing He Needed To

All five of the top Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have called on Governor Ralph Northam to resign after it was discovered that his medical school yearbook page had a highly racist photo on it. In political terms, this is unfortunately could have been advantageous for Donald Trump, […]

Trump Insults Kamala Harris In 1st Response To Her 2020 Presidential Campaign ‘Kameela’

Donald Trump told The New York Times in an interview late last night that, “I would say the best opening so far would be Kamala Harris,” in his first public response to her campaign. He said her first campaign rally got “A better crowd, better crowd, better enthusiasm. Some of the others were very flat.” Trump put […]

Trump & Senator Cory Booker Reveal Their Plans For The 2020 Presidential Election

Democratic Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey announced that he is running for president in 2020 today on the first day of Black History Month (Happy BHM). Booker released a short video announcing the launch of his campaign this morning and it is quite the production. “I believe that we can build a country where no one is […]

Nancy Pelosi Responds To Trump Calling For A Wall Once Again ‘Oh really? No, come on’

Donald Trump lashed out on social media this morning and completely changed his tune regarding funding for his border wall. Trump is now insisting that we call what he wants a “wall,” and he’s referring to existing barriers as walls, signaling that he has given up on funding his wall and is preparing to declare an […]

Schiff Explains Why Trump Raged This Morning & Told U.S. Intel To ‘go back to school’

Donald Trump lashed out at his own US intelligence community this morning as being “extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran” after top officials contradicted his claims surrounding Iran and also North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Trump literally told US intelligence to go back to school because apparently he’s much smarter than them, […]

Christie Mocks Kushner For Eating Salad & Shares His Best Example Of Trump’s ‘humility’

Chris Christie is out and about promoting his new book and is making a fool of himself. The former governor of New Jersey’s book “Let Me Finish” wastes no time in attacking Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner within the first seven pages. Christie has it out for Kushner because Kushner basically got him removed from the Trump […]

Trump’s Former Aide Responds Live After Trump Falls For His Trap & Attacks Him Over Book

Donald Trump is reportedly “very pissed off” and “really hopping mad” at his former White House aide Cliff Sims’ book, “Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House,” which was released today. Despite his advisers telling him to ignore the book, Trump could not resist attacking Sims this morning, which has sparked […]

Trump Reacts After Former Aide Reveals What Trump Does On White House Tours & More

Former White House aide Cliff Sims’ book, “Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House,” will be published tomorrow and initial leaks from it are providing a devastating new window into Donald Trump’s behavior in the White House. Unlike other books that have come out in the past 12 months and […]

Roger Stone Sends Distress Signal To Mueller, Says He’s Ready To Testify About Trump Campaign

Informal adviser to Donald Trump, Roger Stone, talked tough following his televised arrest in Florida on Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI, but it looks like after the shock of the situation wore off over the weekend, he is realizing what kind of trouble he is in. Stone appeared on Sunday talk […]