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Military Investigating Army Navy Football Game for First Time Ever After Trump Attends

Donald Trump was elected in part because there are still millions of people in this country who don’t like diversity and they see Trump as their spokesperson. They see Trump’s horrible behavior and encouragement of horrible behavior as an excuse to do the same, which explains what happened yesterday at a football game Trump attended. […]

Trump Expresses Panic Saturday Morning Over Rising Support for His Impeachment

Donald Trump is extremely worried about the incredibly strong support for his impeachment among Democrats that are considered to be in “vulnerable” districts and he let this worry be known Saturday morning. Trump was hoping these Democrats in swing districts would vote against impeachment and he could use that as evidence that Democrats are not […]

Melania Trump Issues Statement in Support of Donald’s Bullying of Climate Activist

First lady Melania Trump issued a statement today via Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham that addresses the high level of backlash Melania has been receiving due to the outrageous hypocrisy of Melania complaining about her son Baron’s name being mentioned during the impeachments hearings and her silence on Donald Trump’s attacks on 16 year old climate […]

Trump Reveals Plans For Impeachment Trial ‘I’ll do whatever I want’ Says He ‘blew up’ Schiff

Donald Trump took questions during a press conference today at the White House while he met with the President of Paraguay, who must have felt like such an after thought as the meeting turned into a podium for Trump’s crazy thoughts about his impending impeachment. “Do you prefer a short process in the Senate or […]

GOP Rep Throws Objects in Anger After Nadler Brings Impeachment of Trump Forward

History was further made today after the House Judiciary Committee approved the two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Both votes were approved along party lines 23-17. The hearing has been adjourned and impeachment will now go to the full House with a vote expected on Wednesday, […]

Trump Tries to Take Back Announcement of Trade Deal After China Denies It & Tells Him ‘calm down’

Yesterday morning Donald Trump said that he is “Getting VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China,” because “They want it, and so do we!” But it looks like that’s not even close to being true because China has responded to this claim in the opposite direction. Today China’s top diplomat Foreign Minister Wang Yi […]

Mitch McConnell Laughs While Bragging About How He Sabotaged President Obama

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell went on Fox News last night to discuss the pending impeachment of Donald Trump and remember back to what seems to be his favorite memories during former President Obama’s administration. McConnell bragged about blocking President Obama for two full years as Obama had tried to fill multiple federal judicial vacancies […]

Eric Swalwell Silenced GOP By Daring Them To Dispute Crucial Facts of Trump’s Impeachment

U.S. Representative for California’s 15th congressional district Eric Swalwell put on a masterclass today during the House Judiciary’s impeachment hearings that debated the two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. Representative Swalwell destroyed the GOP by asking them to dispute the most important facts learned from the impeachment inquiry, “I want to hear someone dispute […]

Trump Thanks Ivanka For Creating 14 Million Fake Jobs at Walmart & Other ‘great’ Companies

Donald Trump thanked his daughter Ivanka Trump, the unelected, zero experience “Senior White House Adviser,” for creating “14 million jobs” at the White House today. Donald said her goal was only 500,000 jobs, but that she has smashed that goal by creating 14 million jobs. He says his daughter has been “extraordinary” in her “advocacy […]

Trump Mocks Judaism at Hanukkah Reception By Saying He Wants Kid’s Trump Yarmulke

Donald Trump held a Hanukkah reception at the White House today where he put a 12 year old boy named Austin completely on the spot in front of the nation and also mocked the Jewish faith unambiguously. Trump said he received a letter from the boy and that he asked Austin to celebrate Hanukkah at […]