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Trump Receives Emergency Briefing After FAA Activates Dire Measures At Major Airports

Some of the most active and biggest airports in America are now hanging on by a thread after a shortage of air traffic controllers has forced the Federal Aviation Administration to enact emergency programs normally reserved for major weather storms and other emergencies. The situation is serious enough that even Donald Trump has just received an […]

Schumer Calls Out GOP For Being ‘afraid’ Of Trump & Responds To Wilbur Ross Insulting Federal Workers

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer capitalized the momentum granted to the party after House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s victory over Donald Trump yesterday in regards to the State of the Union, by calling GOP Senators cowards to their faces and responding to ridiculous comments made by the Trump administration today over federal workers hurt […]

GOP Senators Just Subpoenaed Cohen To Possibly Protect Trump From House Democrats

House Chairman and Representative Adam Schiff has been preparing to use all available power to compel testimony from Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, including issuing a subpoena for him to appear before House investigative committees, but now it looks like GOP Senators are attempting to derail House Democrat’s investigation. Multiple sources say that Cohen […]

Davis Asks House To Charge Trump After He Brags About Witness Intimidation Of Cohen

Donald Trump spent Thursday morning bragging about successfully intimidating his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen into withdrawing from testifying to Congress before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and also attacking Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis, who formerly served as special counsel to President Bill Clinton. Lanny Davis is no longer taking Trump’s abuse and intimidation and explicitly called for […]

This Is The Moment Pelosi Broke Trump’s Mind After Taking Away His State Of Union Address

If you didn’t know by now, Democratic House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi took away Donald Trump’s State of the Union that was scheduled for Tuesday next week, by refusing to let him address Congress unless the government is reopened. “The government is still shut down. I still make the offer,” Pelosi said of her proposal […]

Pelosi Delivers Knockout Blow To Trump Over Govt Shutdown After He Loses DACA To S. Court

Democratic House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a message to Donald Trump this afternoon featuring what seems to be a knockout blow over this Trump government shutdown over wall funding. Pelosi told Trump with strict authority to, “Open up government. Open the government.” Pelosi explained that no negotiations of any kind can occur until Trump […]

Trump Insults MLK Day With Rush Visit To MLK Memorial Only After Being Called Out

Reverend Al Sharpton led widespread condemnation of Donald Trump this morning because Trump failed to honor legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. with an event of any kind at the White House. “There is no official event at the White House to celebrate Martin Luther King Day,” Sharpton said this morning, at a […]

MLK’s Son Denounces Mike Pence For Comparing Trump To His Father

Martin Luther King Jr.’s son spoke out against Vice President Mike Pence for daring to compare the great wisdom and legacy of MLK, his father, to Donald Trump, “The vice president attempted to compare the president to Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr was a bridge builder, not a wall builder,” Martin Luther King III said, […]

Adam Schiff Reveals Truth Behind Mueller’s Cohen Statement; House Investigation Still ON

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff responded this week to learning that Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress by calling it “the most serious to date” allegation against Trump and promising to open a new investigation to discover the truth behind the allegations. Special counsel Robert Mueller confused the nation by issuing a rare […]

Nancy Pelosi Responds To Trump’s ‘Compromise’ & Shuts It Down Before It Even Begins

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi directly responded Saturday afternoon to the reports that Donald Trump was going to offer caving and flip flopping on his hard line immigration policies in his planned address to the nation. Pelosi issued her response minutes before Trump appeared on a live feed from the White House and completely shut down his […]