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Trump Admits Defeat By House Impeachment While Departing For London ‘it will never end’

Donald Trump stopped to take questions and make statements to reporters before departing the White House this morning to travel on Air Force One to the United Kingdom for the 70th anniversary celebration of NATO. Trump both complained to reporters and revealed that he has accepted the fact that House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry marches forward […]

Trump Wonders Why 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage Not Celebrated ‘a long time ago’

Just in case you needed more evidence that Donald Trump is indeed not very smart, he revealed Monday that he has no idea what a centennial is and knows nothing about the historical fight to give women the right to vote. Trump on Monday signed the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act, which will create […]

Trump Thinks Pelosi Won’t Impeach, But Schiff Confirmed ‘overwhelming’ Evidence Sunday Morning

Democrats might be enjoying the element of surprise with impeachment because Donald Trump seems to think that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not going to bring a vote on articles of impeachment to the House floor, but he is horribly mistaken. “No, I don’t expect it,” Trump said in an interview on “Fox & Friends” […]

Trump Supporters Panic Over Campaign Targeting GOP In Congress To Support Impeachment

Democrats only need to convince 20 GOP Senators to vote to remove Donald Trump from office when impeachment makes it to the Senate and there are powerful groups working behind the scenes to help make that happen. A group called Defend American Democracy, funded by historic levels of donations to the Democratic Party, is now […]

Represenative Ilhan Omar Checkmates Trump Over Who Is Really More Of An American

Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar has faced a lot of hate from the Right since she was elected, for fairly obvious reasons. One of their favorite things is to claim that she is not really an American and only cares about foreign interests, but Omar set the record straight on CNN’s “The Van Jones Show” late […]

We Just Found Out What Trump Did With Sacred WW1 Oak Tree Gifted To U.S. By France

Last year, French President Emmanuel Macron gifted the United States and Donald Trump a truly sacred oak tree that came from a forest where 2,000 US soldiers died in World War 1. Macron overlooked how horrible Trump is to continue the time honored tradition of France gifting the U.S. sacred things, such as the Statue […]

Trump Tries To Clear Up Reports He Called Meghan Markle “nasty” But He Just Made It Worse

Maybe it’s the jet lag, or maybe his decaying brain, or the likely combination of both, that led Donald Trump to give a confusingly self destructive interview this morning to Good Morning Britain. The 30 minute interview with his longtime pal Piers Morgan is the only interview trump has agreed to do while overseas. This […]

Ivanka Trump Thought UK News Conference Would Be Great Until She Stepped Outside

Ivanka Trump holds no legitimate official government position, yet she is attending official state meetings on “behalf” of the United States as part of her father Donald Trump’s State visit to the United Kingdom. Since she wants to act like she is a legitimate part of our government, the British people are making sure that […]

Top House Democrat Confirms Strategy On When To Impeach Trump To Win In 2020

South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn, the third ranking Democrat in the House of Representative, said Sunday that he believes Donald Trump will eventually be impeached. Sunday on CNN?s ?State of the Union,? Clyburn said the House would impeach Trump and that it’s only an issue of “timing.” Host Jake Tapper said, ?It sounds like you […]

Melania Trump Praised For UK State Visit Outfit, But Did She Get It From Princess Diana?

Donald Trump and Melania Trump met with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace this morning, to begin the first day of Trump’s already controversial two-day state visit to England. Trump and Melania arrived by Marine One on the palace lawn and were welcomed by Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. Since Melania is known for […]