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Trump Creates Excuses For Not Being More ‘Civil’ & Claims WE Don’t Understand Who The ‘Real’ Donald Is

Senators Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) have launched an effective attack on Trump’s poor behavior as president. Flake recently called Trump’s conduct ?reckless, outrageous and undignified? during his retirement speech. Today, Trump was asked whether he should be more “civil” by a reporter, which he answered by refusing to admit that he should […]

Protester Almost Hits Trump With Russian Flags While Screaming “Treason” As Trump Arrived On Capitol Hill

A protester almost hit President Trump with Russian flags he threw directly at the president today, as Trump entered a Capitol Hill?GOP policy lunch with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The flags came within feet of President Trump as the protester screamed at him for being treasonous. The protester shouted “Trump is treason” as the […]

Sen. Bob Corker Just Ruined Trump’s Chances Of Winning 2020 Presidential Election, If He Makes It There

Major GOP Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) found himself in yet another feud with President Trump today, after Trump launched a series of attacks on social media this morning. Corker took the feud to a new level and announced that he wouldn’t support President Trump in another election, saying Trump is “unable to rise to the […]

Sen. John McCain Bursts Into Laughter At Thought Of Him Being Scared Of Trump

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) appeared on “The View” this morning to be a great father and be there for his daughter Meghan, who is celebrating her birthday and new addition to the show as a co-host. McCain could not contain his laughter after being asked if he is scared of President Trump. ?Are you scared?? […]

White House Caught Completely Lying About Reason Trump Signed New War Prep Executive Order

This past Friday afternoon, President Trump amended former President George W Bush’s Executive Order 13223 and expanded the power of the Federal government to call back any retired service member into service. As panic began to spread because Trump signed what appeared to be a war preparation executive order, the White House and Pentagon announced […]

Trump Pathetically Tries To Join Former Living President?s Hurricane Concert Fundraiser He Was Left Out Of

Last month, all five living former U.S. Presidents assembled together to launch “One America Appeal“, to assist the millions of people impacted by historically destructive Hurricanes during the 2017 Hurricane season. Tonight, they are holding a concert fundraiser, which President Trump clearly feels left out of, because he released a video today in an attempt […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham Openly Reveals Trump’s Coming War As Mattis & Tillerson Seek Approval For It On Oct 30th

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham literally and openly revealed where President Trump will be starting his war last night, after meeting with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis about the U.S. soldiers killed recently in Niger. Graham said that Trump is starting a war in Africa and that the American public should start preparing itself. You can see […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin Orders American Citizens To Obey Trump While Defending Him

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the Valdai Discussion Club today in Sochi, where he spoke about President Trump and demanded that American citizens respect their president. He also spoke earlier this week about demographics in the United States and offered a clear reason as to why he supported Trump; fear of whites […]

Puerto Rico’s Governor Refuses To Pat Trump On The Back After Trump Rates His Hurricane Response A “10”

President Trump just put Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rossell? on the spot and gave Rossell? a chance to praise Trump’s Hurricane Maria response. Trump was seeking validation after he graded his response to the crisis a “10” after being asked by a reporter what he would rate the response. ?I would give myself a 10. […]

Former Worst President Ever George W Bush Gave A Speech Today That Trump Is Going To Hate

Former worst President ever George W. Bush gave a speech this Thursday morning that warned of the issues facing the United States as a result of Trump becoming President. Although Bush is clearly attempting to use the dire situation we face with Trump to salvage his awful legacy, he made valid points today. Bush said […]