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Trump Responds to First Coronavirus Death on U.S. Soil Says Only the ‘healthy’ Will Survive

It gets worse by the second folks I swear. The nation is legitimately beginning to panic after the first American on U.S. soil was confirmed to have died from Coronavirus and Donald Trump is doing the opposite of calming people down. Expect a run on the stores as Trump’s own words spread and people realize […]

Trump Holds Press Conference After First Death from Coronavirus on U.S. Soil Confirmed

Numerous sources have confirmed that the first death on American soil as a result of Coronavirus has occurred. Details are limited right now on who exactly the person is, how old they were, or how they contracted the virus. The person died at Evergreen Health Medical Center in Washington State. Earlier today, Trump announced on […]

Rep. Ted Lieu Destroys Mike Pompeo for Refusing to Answer Basic Coronavirus Question

Democratic Representative from California Ted Lieu tried to ask Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Trump administration beginning to call Coronavirus a “Democrat hoax,” during a House hearing on Friday. The country is in such a sad state of affairs that we actually need to determine whether the administration thinks the biggest […]

Trump Calls Coronavirus Fake News Because He Knows It’s Ruining His Re-election Chances

Donald Trump is panicking as Coronavirus has started crashing the stock market and many people believe the virus could cause a recession due to disruption to global supply chains. The economy is experiencing major issues and no Americans have died from the virus, so imagine how bad it could get if even one person dies […]

Trump Updates the Nation on What “Supplies” He’s Ordered to Protect us From Coronavirus

This is the time when we need a leader. This is the time when we need a real president. We don’t have one. Folks, there is a reason the stock market is having its worst trading since the recession; coronavirus is serious and it’s coming. While departing the White House early this evening for a […]

Latest 2020 Electorate Data Shows Trump’s Anti-immigrant Policies Will Cost Him the Election

Since taking office, President Trump has tried to make good on his promise to reduce immigration to the United States. Remember how controversial his Muslim ban was that led to mass protests at airports? Well, immigrants remember that too, and this year a record number of immigrants will be able to vote in the presidential […]

Everyone Missed Fact that Trump Mocked First Lady of India and Her Handshake Just Before Leaving

Donald Trump arrived back in the United States from India this morning and overall, he managed to avoid the usual diplomatic controversies he gets into. Or did he? We took a second look at the footage of Trump’s visit because him getting through his trip without insulting foreign figures and diplomats would have been an […]

Time to Worry About Coronavirus After CDC Contradicts Everything Trump Said About It in India

The fact that Donald Trump is a habitual liar is not debatable by any measure and anyone who disagrees is not credible. Because of this and the fact that it is our lives we are talking about here, we need to look at Trump’s statements about Coronavirus with great skepticism. Not only do Donald Trump’s […]

Jim Acosta Sets Trap For Trump and Calls Him a Liar Right to His Face in Front of All of India

All eyes have been on India so far this week, so a lot of people are going to see how CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta rattled Donald Trump during his press conference early this morning in India’s capital city of New Delhi. First we will see how Acosta called Trump a liar right to […]

Ivanka Trump Appears to Push Indian Woman Off Her Who Just Wanted a Friendly Hug

Ivanka Trump, whose exact purpose and job in the White House remains unclear 4 years into Donald Trump’s last term, traveled with her father and his delegation on his trip to India this week. On Ivanka’s way to find her seat and listen to her father’s speech at Motera Stadium, a friendly Indian woman tried […]