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President Trump Just Lost It With A Reporter & Told Her To Be “Quiet!” After Asking About Obamacare Repeal

President Trump lashed out and lost his cool today with an Associated Press reporter who simply asked him about what’s going on with the Senate GOP’s Obamacare repeal. Reporter Catherine Lucey asked Trump, “Do you have a message on health care?” to which he rudely responded, ?Quiet!? Fortunately, this incident was caught on camera. Reporters […]

72 Year Old Anti-Trump Protestor Punched In The Face By Violent Thug Trump Supporter

The division between supporters of President Trump and the resistance against him, is getting worse every day. This week saw another terrible attack by a violent Trump supporter that resulted in a 72 year old protestor being punched in the face. That’s what our society is regressing into, beating up our elders. The Trump supporter […]

Kellyanne Conway Just Kicked Off Trump’s Attack On Mueller, It’s About To Get Ugly

President Trump’s legal team is falling apart, after news broke that special counsel Mueller has expanded his Russia probe to include Trump’s personal finances and business dealings. Out of desperation, he ordered his legal team to think up any possible way he could discredit the prestigious Bobby Mueller, resulting in multiple resignations from his legal […]