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Vice President Pence Just Called For The Construction Of More Confederate Statues & Monuments

Your natural intuition might be to think that there is no way Vice President Pence said what’s in this title of this article, but it was all caught on camera. This morning, Pence argued against the removal of Confederate statues and monuments, and then took it even further, by saying that we should build more. […]

Trump Proved He’s As Dumb As We Think, By Staring At The Eclipse Without Protection

You would have to be living under a rock, to not be aware of the solar eclipse that occurred today across the continental United States. Even people who did not partake in viewing the eclipse, were well aware of the dangers surrounding it; irreparable eye damage if you look at the eclipse without proper eye […]

President Trump Not Happy About The Truth That Activists Projected Onto His D.C. Hotel Last Night

Washington D.C. area artist and activist Robin Bell sent a strong statement to the Trump administration last night by projecting a message for the world and Trump to see, on Trump’s Trump International Hotel in D.C. Fellow activists are circulating images of the projection all across social media to help spread the message. Robin Bell […]

Mother of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Just Gave Trump The Treatment He Deserves

It’s truly inspiring to see how courageous and strong Charlottesville Nazi violence victim Heather Heyer’s mother Susan Bro is. It’s not easy to stay this strong in the face of losing a child and it’s even more difficult to stand up to President Trump the way she just did. Susan Bro gave an interview today […]

President Trump Outraged By The Economist’s New Cover & Shocking Statement About His White Supremacy

The Economist has just revealed their new cover that will make one of the most shocking and powerful statements about President Trump so far this year. The cover features President Trump speaking through a megaphone that clearly appears to look like a Ku Klux Klan hood. The magazine cover has no headline mentioning President Trump […]

President Trump Just Lost It With The Press & His White Supremacist Side Came Out

President Trump just gave a short statement on his new plans for boosting U.S. infrastructure, and then took questions from the press afterwards, at Trump Tower. During questioning with the press, Trump lost his cool and became highly emotional, which caused him to start making statements that are a clear indication that he is indeed, […]

Fox News Helped Encourage White Supremacists To Murder Heather Heyer After Trump Was ‘Elected’

Fox News and Tucker Carlson, an American conservative political commentator for Fox News, have been caught helping to lay the groundwork for the violence we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, that resulted in the death of peaceful protestor Heather Heyer. Fox News and Carlson’s site, the Daily Caller, both posted a 90 second […]

CNN Gets Revenge On President Trump’s Fake News Attacks & Damages His Reelection Campaign

President Trump?s fake news attacks on CNN yesterday, as well as his truly insane cartoon post to social media this morning, have back fired, as Trump’s reelection campaign announced today that CNN has rejected their offer to purchase a block of time for a campaign ad. The ad, called ?Let President Trump Do His Job,? […]

Protestors Just Sent White Supremacists A Message By Toppling Confederate Statue in North Carolina

Tonight, protestors and true patriots decided to take the law into their own hands to send a message to white supremacists; we will not tolerate you, and you will not win. Protestors surrounded and toppled a Confederate monument in Durham, N.C. to send a strong message to all white supremacists. Video posted to social media […]

MASSIVE Protest Shouting ‘NY HATES YOU’ Surrounds Trump Tower Ahead Of Trump’s Return To NYC

A truly massive protest featuring cream of the crop anti-Trump posters and slogans, has engulfed Trump Tower in Midtown New York City tonight, in anticipation of Trump’s return to the tower around 9 P.M. People are clearly having a blast as they peacefully protest and chant, “New York hates you? outside of the Tower. Chants […]