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President Trump Just Issued Ridiculous Excuse For Thanking Putin For Sanctioning The U.S. Yesterday

President Trump is now alleging that he was simply being sarcastic yesterday, when he thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for issuing counter sanctions against new U.S. sanctions on Russia, by ordering American diplomatic missions operating in Russia to cut staff by 755 people. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued the response today via […]

President Trump’s Threats Against North Korea Have Just Been Exposed As Empty Distractions

President Trump has been threatening North Korea with nuclear war and has put the entire world on edge. Despite speculation that Trump may not have the power to actually launch an attack on North Korea without Congress, Trump’s threats have been rightly taken seriously. A new report however from the The Associated Press, has just […]

President Trump Just Thanked Putin For Retaliating Against The United States

President Trump just actually thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin this Thursday afternoon for him ordering 755 American diplomats out of Russia, as retaliation against the United States imposing new sanctions on Russia. Trump said he was thanking Putin because now he can complete his goal to “cut down our payroll.” ?I want to thank him […]

President Trump Has Gone Full Madman As He Steps Up His Insane Rhetoric On North Korea

President Donald Trump just lost his mind today while talking to reporters at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., and has just stepped up his reckless warmongering against North Korea.? Trump threatened North Korea that, ?things will happen to them like they never thought possible”, if they dared attack the United States. President Trump then […]

Will Smith Just Revealed What Obama Said About Him Playing The Former President In A Film

Taking a break for a moment from the insanity we are experiencing, as tensions escalate with North Korea due to President Trump’s threats of nuclear war, Actor Will Smith revealed some very interesting news about a conversation he had with former President Obama, in which they discussed a film about Obama’s life. Will Smith is […]

President Trump Caught Lying About Not Being On Vacation Almost Instantly By Resort Guests

President Trump had an anonymous White House official issue a brief to reporters about his plans for the day yesterday, as well as the rest of what Trump has claimed is ?not a vacation.? The official refused to confirm whether Trump would be golfing, to help maintain the illusion that Trump’s trip is not a […]

Trump Bans Travel To North Korea & Warns Americans To Leave, While Graham Talks Up Military Strike

Dangerous times approach as North Korea has entered into unprecedented territory with what many consider to be very successful tests of ICBMs. The U.S. State Department has just issued a ban on travel by U.S. passport holders to North Korea, which will take effect on September 1st. All American citizens in North Korea have been […]

Chris Christie Issues Statement About Getting In Baseball Fan’s Face, Says He Was “very restrained”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said today that he was “very restrained” when he aggressively got in the face of a baseball fan at a Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs game over the weekend. As if that wasn’t enough of a blatant contradiction, he also said that he considered throwing the nachos he was holding […]

Chris Christie Gets In Face Of Fan & Bullies Him With Secret Service Detail

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attended a Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs baseball game today, where he literally got in the face of a fan, because he was being heckled verbally by many in attendance. Fortunately this aggressive incident was caught on camera and there is no defense for it. In the clip, Chris Christie […]

Long Island Police Respond & Condemn Trump After He Asked Them For More Brutality

The Suffolk County Police Department just responded to President Trump?s speech to police on Long Island today, by making it clear that they do not tolerate the ?roughing up of prisoners.” Trump recklessly called for more police brutality today, that indeed described roughing up people detained by police, prompting this Suffolk County response. Our country […]