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Trump Will Hate That Mitt Romney Just Got The Treatment He Wishes He Could Get Overseas

It is basically a huge event every time Donald Trump makes a trip abroad for two reasons. First is that he is hated overseas, and second, is that Trump’s team is much more limited in their ability to control the media coverage of him, so when he’s overseas, we get to see an unfiltered look […]

GOP Senator Mitt Romney Explains Vote to Convict Donald Trump on Impeachment Charge

A four P.M. Eastern standard time today, the Senate will make a historic vote on whether Donald Trump will be convicted and removed from office as a result of his impeachment. Acquittal is expected, but it ain’t over til it’s over, and GOP Senator Mitt Romney has just revealed that he will vote to convict […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Fully Explains Why She Ripped Up Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Democratic House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi found a beautiful way last night to give Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech the treatment it deserved, by ripping it into pieces right behind Trump’s back after he finished his speech. If you somehow have not yet seen the footage of Speaker Pelosi literally destroying the speech, […]

Trump’s Racism Accidentally Slips Out in Talking About His Superbowl Ad on Criminal Justice Reform

Donald Trump ran a Super Bowl ad last night that was clearly designed to portray him as not being a racist, but Trump cannot help himself when he speaks, so the truth showed itself in a statement he made about the advertisement. The Super Bowl ad champions the release of Alice Johnson, who was the […]

Senator Chuck Schumer Shreds Alan Dershowitz’ Career as a Professor at Harvard Law

Donald Trump’s defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz has essentially argued that even if Trump’s quid pro quo with Ukraine for investigations into Biden was real, it is not grounds for impeachment because it was good for the “national interest.” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer gave a press conference this morning, where he admitted that it’s “an […]

Trump Admin Celebrates Coronavirus as Being Part of Trump’s Goal to ‘return’ Jobs to America

China’s latest figures report that at least 170 people have lost their lives due to the deadly outbreak of Coronavirus and the Trump administration revealed today that it could not be happier. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross essentially argued that the Trump admin believes in trickle-down viral economics. Appearing on Faux news this morning, Ross explicit […]

Trump Gets Laughed At Live on Air by His Favorite News Network Because of Mistake at Rally

  If speculation is true about Donald Trump being on some kind of stimulants nearly 24/7, it sure looks like it was starting to catch up to him once again at his campaign rally last night in Wildwood, New Jersey. The rally was easily Trump’s toughest by every objective metric. Trump had a lot of […]

Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Panics After Fox Gives Him Bad New Data for Trump’s Re-election Odds

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale gave an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, where he found himself completely caught off guard after Hemmer presented him with a new Fox News poll on how Trump is doing with suburban women. Suburban women are going to play a critical role in the 2020 election, just like […]

House Speaker?Nancy Pelosi Mocks Trump Over His Impeachment on Bill Maher’s Show

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received what seems to be the biggest standing ovation ever in the history of Bill Maher?s show last night after being introduced on HBO?s ?Real Time with?Bill Maher.? Speaker Pelosi had a great time on the show and both mocked Donald Trump and perhaps showed in action what her strategy is […]

Trump Turns White House Celebration for LSU Football Players Into Campaign Rally Against Their Will

The Louisiana State University (LSU) football team was reminded today why sports teams often refuse an invitation to visit the White House from Donald Trump. While praising one of the team’s players, Trump could not resist going into campaign mode and started praising himself and bashing his predecessors. ?Coach if you’d like, we can take […]