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Trump Rages After Speaker Pelosi Reminds Him of How Much Impeachment Has Damaged Him

Donald Trump was reminded Sunday morning, that no matter what happens going forward with his Senate impeachment trail, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has succeeded in deeply scarring the president “for life.” Speaker Pelosi shared her favorite part of her interview this morning with ABC host George Stephanopoulos, in which she addressed Senate Majority Slime […]

Nancy Pelosi Responds to Trump’s “Crazy” Tweets & Him Calling Her Worst Speaker Ever

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked to respond live on air to social media posts and statements about her by Donald Trump, that Trump sent directly to ABC host George Stephanopoulos, right before Stephanopoulos interviewed Speaker Pelosi this morning. The post that was directed at Speaker Pelosi by Trump read, “George @GStephanopoulos, ask Crazy Nancy […]

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper Responds to Trump’s “Four Embassies” Claim Sunday Morning

Friday evening on Fox News, Donald Trump added to the list of lies his administration has given us on the justification for him droning Iran’s top general, by claiming Soleimani was going to attack “four embassies” in Iraq. This Sunday morning, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper totally refuted this nonsensical lie. Esper telling the truth […]

Trump Explains Reasons Why He’ll Try to Block Bolton’s Testimony ‘for future presidents’

Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham last night, in which he explained why he would try to assert executive privilege and block former national security adviser John Bolton from testifying in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial. ?So we have to protect presidential privilege. For me, but for future presidents,? Trump said […]

Trump Says He Thinks Americans Don’t Have a ‘right’ to Get Real Reason Behind Iran Strike

Put down your drinks because you ain’t gonna to like this one. Donald Trump is laughing in our faces by literally looking into the camera and telling us, that we have no right to get a straight answer from him or his administration on why he ordered the strike on Iran’s top general in Iraq. […]

GOP Rep Doug Collins Issues Fake Apology After Repeating Trump’s Lies About Democrats

GOP slime Representative Doug Collins fessed up to the horrible statements he made against Democrats yesterday, that included repeating things Donald Trump also said yesterday. Although Collins admitted to his slander, don’t hold your breathe hoping Trump will. Yesterday Collins echoed statements also made by Donald Trump and accused Democrats, literally, without evidence (of course), […]

Trump Provides Evidence For Nose Issues By Revealing What He Spends His Money On

During Donald Trump’s speech yesterday, in which he read off a teleprompter and announced sanctions on Iran, he had nose breathing issues over 50 times and had trouble reading. This lead to many folks finding the nose issues to be very suspicious. During a press conference today, on changes his administration is making to the […]

Trump Gives Reporter the Finger After Being Asked About His Senate Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump gave remarks today on changes his administration is making to the National Environmental Policy Act, where he flipped the bird to a reporter who asked him about his upcoming Senate impeachment trial. “Would you support a deal for witnesses, if that included testimony from Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden?” a reporter asked Trump. […]

Everyone Missed Speaker Pelosi’s Response to Trump’s Iran Briefing That Even Upset GOP

Last night, GOP Senators were so disturbed by the Trump administration’s briefing on the “intelligence” and “reasons” behind Donald Trump’s decision to take out Iran’s top military general, that they immediately announced their support for Democrats’ war powers resolution to limit Trump’s power. House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a professional and did not directly […]

Mike Pence Forced to Respond After GOP Senators Reveal Truth About Trump’s Briefing on Iran

The Trump administration’s briefing on the “intelligence” and reasons behind Donald Trump giving the order to take out Iran’s top military general was so bad yesterday, that even multiple GOP Senators came out of the briefing and immediately announced support for Democrats’ war powers resolution to limit Trump’s ability to start a war with Iran. […]