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Mike Pence Forced to Respond After GOP Senators Reveal Truth About Trump’s Briefing on Iran

The Trump administration’s briefing on the “intelligence” and reasons behind Donald Trump giving the order to take out Iran’s top military general was so bad yesterday, that even multiple GOP Senators came out of the briefing and immediately announced support for Democrats’ war powers resolution to limit Trump’s ability to start a war with Iran. […]

Fox News Panics & Cuts Away From GOP Senator Who Reveals Truth About Trump’s Briefing on Iran

We have not received a solid and legitimate answer from the Trump administration over Donald Trump’s reckless order to take out Iran’s top general. The Senate received a briefing that started late this afternoon to give lawmakers an answer to why Trump carried out the strike, but their first impressions are devastating to the Trump […]

Obama Administration Adviser Responds to Trump’s Lies During His Announcement on Iran

Iran launched a strike last night on our bases in Iraq and Donald Trump was forced to go in front of the nation today and eat it. He completely backed himself into a corner after he gave the order to take out Iran’s top general, because he discovered after that even his own voter base […]

Trump Officially Responds to Iran Missile Strike on 2 U.S. Bases, Puts Focus Back on Impeachment & 2020

We finally have confirmation of the damage sustained by Iran’s missile strike last night on the United States’ two bases in the country. Donald Trump revealed that “minimal damage” was sustained to U.S. military bases in the attack and that there were absolutely no casualties among Iraq or the United States. “Iran appears to be […]

Ivanka Trump Struggles to Explain the Internet During Keynote at Largest Tech Show in Vegas

The annual CES tech expo is held every year in Las Vegas and has been criticized in the past for not being inclusive enough towards women. So to fix that problem this year, they decided to have Ivanka Trump be their keynote speaker. Whoever made this decision should obviously be removed from their position, because […]

Trump Tells Iraqi Govt U.S. Should Stay Because They Don’t Want “Iran running the company”

Washington D.C. is buzzing with activity as lawmakers return from their holiday break. Donald Trump gave one of his first press conferences since returning to the White House, while meeting with the prime minister of Greece, where he responded to a letter that received a lot of attention yesterday. A letter was sent to the […]

Judge Judy Announces Her Endorsement for 2020 Democratic Primary on ABC’s The View

Judge Judy Sheindlin has decided to endorse 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg in an interview released today. She is quite popular, so this endorsement is spreading far and wide. She isn’t stopping at an endorsement either, signaling that Judge Judy might be looking to change her career a bit. The interview was conducted on […]

GOP House Leader Panics After D.C. Court Cases Reveal Pelosi Ready For 3rd Article of Impeachment

As the world focuses on Iran and Iraq, we remain alert on the impeachment of Donald Trump because Congress reconvenes this coming week and the removal of Trump from office remains the nation’s top priority. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy began to sound the alarm over the weekend on Fox News, after hearings during a […]

Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Attacks Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago New Years Party

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, took questions from reporters while entering Trump’s New Year?s Eve party at Mar-A-Lago last night. Giuliani wasn’t even inside the party yet but he already appeared to be under the influence and was nursing a drink while talking to reporters. Reporters asked […]

Ivanka Trump Answers Questions of When She’ll Leave the White House or Ever Run for Office

Senior White House “adviser” Ivanka Trump talked about her plans for 2020 in an interview on “Face the Nation,” that will be fully released tomorrow. A portion of the interview released this week and it features Ivanka answering when she will finally get out of the White House and whether she will ever run for […]