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Trump Schedules Church Event to Ask for Miracles & Hispanics to Save Him from Impeachment

Support for Donald Trump’s impeachment by major evangelical magazine Christian Today is turning out to be far more disastrous for him than anyone anticipated. In a swift and desperate attempt to win back his dropping evangelical support, the Trump campaign has just announced an event at a megachurch in Miami for this Friday, January the […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Reveals What Her Next Moves Are In Sending Impeachment to Senate

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi?s daughter, Christine Pelosi, discussed what she and her mother talked about over Christmas and provided some insight and hints at what her mother will be doing next in the impeachment saga. Christine said that her family surprisingly did not talk about impeachment at the Christmas dinner table, “We?re probably one […]

Debbie Dingell Responds After Trump Suggested Her Late Husband is in Hell at Rally

Democratic Representative Debbie Dingell from Michigan stood up for her husband and spoke out against Donald Trump early Thursday morning after he said that her late husband John, the longest serving member of Congress, was not in heaven. ?I think it?s time to put politics aside on these kind of shots. I try to be […]

Putin Responds to Trump’s Impeachment with Prediction & Attack on Democrats & Western Media

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full on defense for Donald Trump early Thursday morning in Russia and essentially interfered in our 2020 elections. No other world leader has spoken out on Trump’s impeachment like this, which let’s us add this to the mountain of evidence of Trump’s entanglements with Russia. Putin spoke this morning […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Threatens McConnell Over Senate Impeachment Trial After House Vote

We haven’t even seen anything yet and we are just getting started with this impeachment, which House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi reminded us of less than an hour after the House officially voted to successfully impeach Donald Trump. These are all historic moments we will only live through once, so don’t forget this as this […]

Trump Reveals What He Told Melania About Impeachment While House Votes To Impeach

Donald Trump was impeached today by the House in a relatively late night vote on the House floor and while it was going on, he was in the middle of holding a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he spouted off nonsense as history was made. He even revealed what he told Melania Trump, as […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Responds to Trump’s Insane Letter Requesting Stop to Impeachment

President Trump sent a wild letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi early this afternoon in which he called his impeachment less fair than the Salem witch trial and said other crazy things. House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked by reporters on Capitol Hill, minutes prior to this post, about what she thought of the […]

Giuliani Declares That He Controls Trump and Got Him to ‘force out’ Ukraine Ambassador

Rudy Giuliani has been on a rampage for the past 24 hours that continued this morning when he tried to defend his own admission that he played a major role in Donald Trump firing former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. In his admissions, Giuliani has revealed that he is able to control Donald Trump. […]

Military Investigating Army Navy Football Game for First Time Ever After Trump Attends

Donald Trump was elected in part because there are still millions of people in this country who don’t like diversity and they see Trump as their spokesperson. They see Trump’s horrible behavior and encouragement of horrible behavior as an excuse to do the same, which explains what happened yesterday at a football game Trump attended. […]

Trump Expresses Panic Saturday Morning Over Rising Support for His Impeachment

Donald Trump is extremely worried about the incredibly strong support for his impeachment among Democrats that are considered to be in “vulnerable” districts and he let this worry be known Saturday morning. Trump was hoping these Democrats in swing districts would vote against impeachment and he could use that as evidence that Democrats are not […]