China Responds To Trump’s Insane Threats Against North Korea By Mocking & Insulting Him

In an interesting turns of events, Xinhua, Beijing’s official state news agency, issued its response to President Trump’s threats of a nuclear war with North Korea, that Trump promised to be, “the likes of which this world has never seen before.” The response is interesting because they chose to mock Trump’s claims that US would counter North Korea with “fire and fury.”

The agency didn’t specifically refer to President Trump by name, but the language clearly leaves no doubt about whom they were referring to, “The bottom line on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula is that there must not be any armed conflict there,” read the response, “There is no room for any related party to play with fire on the issue.”

China seems to view Trump as a child, like many do, especially since they said there is no room to “play” with fire. As discussed previously, President Trump cannot compel China to reel in North Korea. The biggest problem, is that although the two countries get along, they are not absolute allies, and North Korea will always look out for its own self preservation above all else.

There is no standing down for the Kim Regime. They will do anything to maintain power and are willing go down in flames, if need be. If China takes too much of a stand against North Korea, and it does not work, they risk being nuked by North Korea if the U.S. decides to take out the Kim Regime. China feels it is better off playing the role of a mediator, to mitigate any possible blame it could receive from North Korea, if the U.S. does attack.

That’s why China has just mocked Trump over his “fire” comments. If anything, they want North Korea to feel China was their only ally, if war does indeed come. That way, Kim Jong Un will shoot off his nukes at Japan and South Korea, rather than launching a few into China as well. In a crude but accurate example, China is essentially using the strategy of being nice to the weird and bullied kid at school, in case that kid decides to get some revenge some day.


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