Colin Kaepernick About To Get Revenge On Trump With Federal Subpeona

Colin Kaepernick is currently suing the NFL for conspiring to keep him out of the league and his legal team is now moving to bring President Trump and Vice President Pence into the case legally. Kaepernick’s team is working to force Trump and Pence to testify in the case with federal subpoenas.

Trump last year spoke directly to many NFL owners about the controversial anthem protests we all remember. He also outright called for NFL owners to fire players during a rally last year.

Trump’s attacks on Kaepernick are going to come back to haunt him as Kaepernick’s legal team should be able to acquire the federal subpoenas they are seeking to compel testimony from Trump and Pence .

Kaepernick’s lawyers have filed a grievance to start the process to get the subpoenas, which states that Trump and Pence “engaged in various public relations stunts designed to retaliate against Mr. Kaepernick and other players that have joined in Kaepernick’s peaceful protest,” and calls Trump “an organizing force in the collusion among team owners in their conduct towards” Kaepernick.

Normally getting this federal subpoena against Trump, because he is president, would be difficult. But Kaepernick’s legal team already got an NFL owner to admit under oath that the reason he didn’t hire Kaepernick was feared reprisal from Trump (source).

Trump also threatened the NFL’s tax liabilities, on top of everything else. “Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!” Trump said in October of last year.

Trump himself made it difficult for NFL owners to hire Kaepernick because of his threats and undue influence. But fortunately it looks like the odds are great that Kaepernick will get his revenge.


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