Kellyanne Conway Just Kicked Off Trump’s Attack On Mueller, It’s About To Get Ugly

President Trump’s legal team is falling apart, after news broke that special counsel Mueller has expanded his Russia probe to include Trump’s personal finances and business dealings. Out of desperation, he ordered his legal team to think up any possible way he could discredit the prestigious Bobby Mueller, resulting in multiple resignations from his legal team.

Despite the fact that parts of his legal team have advised against and resigned at the proposed strategy of discrediting widely trusted counsel Mueller, Trump is moving forward with his strategy to slander Mueller at all costs. This is a desperation play, especially considering it will so obviously backfire on Trump.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway kicked off the attack on special counsel Robert Mueller?this Friday morning, with an appearance on “Fox & Friends.” She said that she thought it was important for the American people to know about the potential conflicts of interest surrounding Mueller’s probe. She also repeated the talking point that Mueller’s investigation is a witch hunt, but added a new one, that the investigations have somehow “stalled.”

One of the hosts threw Kellyanne a ground ball too, saying that members of Mueller’s team had donated thousands of dollars to Democrats in the past. Kellyanne scooped it up, as surely was planned, to try and highlight this as some horrible conflict of interest.

“This is just a witch hunt,” Conway said in response. “It’s all a hoax, and now they’re going in all types of different directions, but I think that the information you just shared is relevant information for America to have. People should know what folks’ past and their motivations and their political motivations are. These weren’t minor donations.”

President Trump will almost certainly try to fire Mueller. This is Step 1, which is to discredit Mueller with anything they can come up with. Step 2, will be making the case as to why Mueller needs to be removed from the probe and replaced with someone who is more “credible” stepping in. Step 3, they will actually find a way to remove Mueller, probably Nixon style, by firing deputy attorney general Rosenstein and finding someone willing to do it.

Other lying whack jobs like Conway are out making their rounds too. Expect to see these talking points flood the media this weekend.


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