Coronavirus Relief Checks & Payments in Danger of Further Delay After Last Minute GOP Delay

Rent and bills are due daily for millions of Americans who have been laid off due to Coronavirus and every single day people are finding themselves unable to pay. People needed the financial assistance Congressional Democrats negotiated for them days ago, but now just one GOP House Representative is literally holding everything hostage.

GOP slime Representative Thomas Massie from Kentucky is using a technicality to force an in person vote in the House by threatening to vote no on the $2.2 trillion stimulus package that passed unanimously in the Senate.

Everyone was hoping to pass the relief package with a unanimous voice vote, which would not require House Representatives to be present in Washington. Many Congress members are isolating at home with the rest of the country due to the virus.

If Massie commits to voting no, a Quorum will be required to pass the relief package, which will require hundreds of members of the House to fly and travel to Washington to vote on this bill. If not enough members can make it today, they will have to try again tomorrow. He proudly shared this on social media.

Even most GOP Representatives are upset at Massie, “Heading to Washington to vote on pandemic legislation. Because of one Member of Congress refusing to allow emergency action entire Congress must be called back to vote in House,” GOP slime Rep. Peter King said on social media. “Risk of infection and risk of legislation being delayed. Disgraceful. Irresponsible.”

Massie is pulling off the scummiest move in U.S. political history. He’s the ONLY person in ALL of Congress who wants to vote no! It already passed unanimously in the Senate! This is a scummy move because the bill is one hundred percent guaranteed to pass!

This is an emergency and not the time to be making political statements using this method. If he’s not happy with the package, then fine, but don’t hold it up when literally everyone else wants to vote yes. If they can’t get this passed today because of Massie, that’s another full day of delay in people getting the checks they need. People simply can’t hold on much longer and many are already going under.


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