Creepy Trump Makes Weirdo Outfit Mistake When Meeting Putin During State Visit To Vietnam

President Trump is undoubtedly a creepy and perverted man, evidenced by his infamous Billy Bush tapes alone. It comes at no surprise then, that Trump would make an outfit mistake that only a weirdo would make. Trump showed up to a major event with world leaders in Vietnam dressed all wrong. It’s surprising that anyone let him go out like this.

Outfitted in a ceremonial blue silk shirt picked by the Vietnamese, President Trump did not get the memo that even Russian President Vladimir Putin did; wear something underneath.
Trump pretty much never wears anything other than a suit or a golf shirt, so he is also inexperienced with this type of clothing. A slimmer person could get away with wearing this outfit without an under shirt, but for someone with Trump’s body type, the pictures of him below show why the under shirt is needed. Even Putin had sense enough to not mess around going bare.

Folks on social media took notice as well, “Trump fully embraces APEC Summit. Rocks ceremonial blue shirt bare nippled and all.” Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin your day with Trump’s man parts, but the news is the news.

Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin smiled with joy as they met each other for the unknownth time and shook hands Friday in Da Nang, Vietnam, as participants in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Once again, Trump looks happier than usual when he meets Putin.


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