Crowd Walks Out on Trump in India After He Laughs at Their Culture & Praises Their Enemies

Donald Trump is in India and even with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi setting up the best possible rally for him, he still managed to screw up to the point that people started fleeing the venue in droves. Trump once again proved that he is unable to have an overseas visit without controversy.

UPDATE: Some are claiming our report here is fake. They will have to explain why the BBC has now confirmed our reporting (link at end of post).

Indian Prime Minister Modi set Trump up with a massive rally in the west Indian city of Ahmedabad, away from where many Indians are protesting Trump’s visit to the country today. Reports say protesters in nearby cities and India’s capital of New Delhi were holding signs reading, ?Trump go back.?

India’s PM set up Trump’s rally in a city where he would see the least amount of protests. So why then, despite India doing everything it could to let Trump finally have a good overseas visit, did people start leaving the rally in droves, as seen in the footage below?

It all started when Trump started pronouncing the names of famous and loved figures in India. He had trouble pronouncing the name of a religious leader, which the people would have forgive him for, if he had not then laughed out loud at the person’s name afterwards, as seen in the footage below.

The people overall forgave Trump for making fun of their names, but what really started to make people leave the venue, was when Trump started praising Pakistan for no good reason. India and Pakistan are indeed enemies and as of today, they are in an ongoing dispute over the border they share with each other that has led to many recent military confrontations.

So when Trump started bragging about his relationship with Pakistan, the people in the audience were not trying to hear it. This would be like India’s PM coming here to the United States and praising Russia. Trump’s praise of Pakistan immediately caused the venue to become completely silent, with some people reporting that the crowd started booing him, but at this time we could not find footage of that, but we believe it.

So once again, Donald Trump leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those he visits. All he had to do was give a clean speech and then he could brag and say India held a huge rally for him. But instead, Trump made fun of their names and culture and praised their number one rival and enemy.

UPDATE: Some are claiming our report here is fake. They will have to explain why the BBC has now confirmed our reporting, “crowds began leaving mid-way through the US president’s speech.”


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