David Hogg Announces MAJOR Victory Against The NRA As It Reveals Financial Emergency

Parkland school shooting massacre survivor and gun safety advocate David Hogg took a victory lap after a new court filing revealed that big financial problems are going on over at the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The National Rifle Association said in the filing that it is in “grave financial jeopardy,” and that it could soon “be unable to exist…or pursue its advocacy mission.” Yes, there is a reasonable chance that NRA will cease to exist in the not so distant future.

The NRA’s poor financial status is the subject of their lawsuit against New York State for relief because the NRA says it cannot access financial services essential to its operations and is facing “irrecoverable loss and irreparable harm.”

In the lawsuit, the NRA says that is no longer has insurance to cover its operations and has lost access to banking services as a result. It is blaming New York State for seeking to “silence one of America’s oldest constitutional rights advocates,” because the state is “bending to pressure” from activists acting in the wake of the Parkland, Florida massacre.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter to banks in the wake of the tragedy asking them to listen to, “the voices of the passionate, courageous, and articulate young people who have experienced this recent horror first hand” and he posted on social media that businesses in the state should, “revisit any ties they have to the NRA and consider their reputations, and responsibility to the public.”

David Hogg took to social media to announce that young people are “winning,” and based off this court filing, he’s correct.

New York Governor Cuomo said the NRA’s lawsuit is “a futile and desperate attempt to advance its dangerous agenda to sell more guns.” You can view the court filing at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Ld2KEw6SqsvhOYgKUl3SXFTDoz4J3IA/view


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