Democrats Just Gained Strong Momentum For The 2018 Midterms In Key Swing Florida District

Democrats claimed a major victory on Tuesday with an election victory in Florida, by turning an important swing district in the critical state BLUE. The Blue Wave is a force to be reckoned with and every win builds its strength.

Javier Fernandez won Florida’s 114th District House seat by roughly 4 points by winning with 51% over his GOP opponent, Andrew Vargas, who came in at 47%. This special election was a Florida House seat race and confirmation of the win can be seen below.

This special election was for a six month term following the resignation of former Rep. Daisy Baez last year. The GOP was confident they were going to win this Miami area seat as it was once held by the GOP and they attacked the winner, Fernandez, with all kinds of horribly negative campaign coverage. But Fernandez shrugged it off after winning; “It’s pretty sweet, man. I can’t lie,” Fernandez said of his victory. “Substance wins over slights, right?”

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo praised another blue wave victory in a statement. “Tonight’s special election victory is the latest in a string of special election victories for Florida Democrats, which shows us that after nearly 20 years of failed Republican leadership, people are ready for a change,” Rizzo said.


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