DOJ Just Changed Recommendation of No Jail Time For Trump’s Former Adviser Michael Flynn

Donald Trump’s former national Security Adviser Michael Flynn is about to become yet another Trump campaign and administration operative to go to prison. The U.S. Department of Justice today has completely reversed and changed their original recommendation that Flynn receive no jail time for his crimes.

The DOJ’s recommendation is now that Michael Flynn should be sentenced to up to six months in prison for lying to the FBI. The justification for this change is based on Flynn apparently becoming uncooperative in recent months.

“The sentence should adequately deter the defendant from violating the law, and to promote respect for the law,” the Justice Department wrote in a sentencing memo Tuesday. “It is clear that the defendant has not learned his lesson. He has behaved as though the law does not apply to him, and as if there are no consequences for his actions.”

The memo argues he should be sentenced to time in prison because, “Given the serious nature of the defendant’s offense, his apparent failure to accept responsibility, his failure to complete his cooperation in — and his affirmative efforts to undermine — the prosecution of Bijan Rafiekian, and the need to promote respect for the law and adequately deter such criminal conduct.”

Flynn has already plead guilty a little over two years ago after agreeing to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s 2016 investigation. Flynn will be sentenced January 28th and since he has already plead guilty and the DOJ’s recommendation has changed, he will definitely be going to prison.

Flynn’s chances of possibly overturning his case crumbled after Trump’s own DOJ released Michael Horowitz’s report on the origins of the FBI’s probe into the 2016 Trump campaign’s possible ties with Russia. The report totally cleared the FBI of bias and thus destroyed Flynn’s argument that the case against him was based on bias. He’s going to prison and there is nothing he can do.


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