Donald Trump Admits for the First Time That He Knows He Will Not Win Re-election

Few people will argue that Donald Trump’s narcissism knows no bounds and his ego prevents him from ever admitting any fault, apologizing, or engaging in self criticism. But the truly incredible momentum we are seeing in the movement to remove him from office seems to have finally cracked his armor.

Trump gave an interview to Politico today where he admitted for the first time that he might not win the 2020 presidential election. Not only that, but he literally begged for his own party to support his campaign and re-election.

In the interview he specifically admitted that mail in voting could cost him the election. Trump will lose regardless but mail in voting does help seal the deal by ensuring people scared to go to the polls due to coronavirus will still be able to vote.

“My biggest risk is that we don’t win lawsuits,” Donald Trump said in the interview. “We have many lawsuits going all over. And if we don’t win those lawsuits, I think, I think it puts the election at risk.

For someone as egotistical as Trump to admit his election is at risk is a big deal. Even worse is that he, “warned his party in blunt terms not to abandon him and cast Hillary Clinton as a more formidable opponent than Joe Biden.”

Trump was then asked if he would accept his loss at the end of this year, to which he answered, “Well, you can never answer the second question, right? Because Hillary kept talking about she’s going to accept, and they never accepted it. You know. She lost too. She lost good.”

Look at that, he’s already considering excuses for when he loses this year. He will say, “Well Hillary Clinton lost so it’s no big deal I lost as well, at least I won one election.” He will just defer to his obsession with Clinton to make excuses about losing.

Anyone with a brain can see that the mood of the country has taken a huge turn since coronavirus and then the George Floyd protests. The GOP and even Trump himself have a sort of defeated energy among them, while Democrats clearly see the imminent victory over Trump and are in a good mood about the election. This is why he showed concern for the first time in this interview about losing.


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