Donald Trump Just Shared a 2020 Message to All Black Americans From a Fake User

Proving how racist he is, Donald Trump shared a message just now on social media, that says, “All citizens, including black Americans, should be supporting President @realDonaldTrump because he has overwhelmingly delivered economic growth, rising wages, meaningful jobs, and economic opportunity, for all middle-and working-class Americans.”

This message came from an unverified user profile called Allen Sutton, which is highly likely to be a fake user. This same profile was investigated in August of last year for being a fake account, as seen in this great thread here. The evidence points towards the president sharing a fake/bot account saying black Americans need to vote for him. Oh god help us.

This truly shows how racist Donald Trump actually is. He saw a social media user profile with a picture of a black man, saying that black Americans should vote for Trump, and decided that on those grounds alone, he should share the message with the world.

He put absolutely no effort into researching this person to see whether or not he’s crazy (he is, as we’ll see). Trump only cared that it was a black person saying X. That’s it. He thinks that black folk are this simple and that some number will automatically vote for him based on this.

Let’s take a look and see if we should be listening to anything Mr. “Sutton” has to say. “There are a few things Democrat leaders hate: Christianity; the US Constitution; and every day Americans. This is why they despise President @realDonaldTrump because he stands for, and reinforces, each one of these dimensions, as he governs,” he recently posted. Guess we answered that question pretty quickly. Expect Trump to delete this as people look into the user who posted this fakeness.


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