Donald Trump Screws Up His Response to Kobe Bryant Passing Away in Tragic Helicopter Accident

Most of the world was shook to its core today after hearing the absolutely tragic news originally reported by TMZ, that 41 year old NBA megastar Kobe Bryant passed away today in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, which is a city in Los Angeles, California.

As famous figures began responding to this tragedy, Donald Trump decided to put his own two cents in. Unfortunately, Trump’s response reminded us that he cannot get anything right, especially in times of need such as this.

“Reports are that basketball great Kobe Bryant and three others have been killed in a helicopter crash in California. That is terrible news!,” Trump said on social media. His response seems benign, until you realize that every single report has confirmed that the crash took Kobe and four other’s lives that were on board the craft.

We cannot read Trump’s mind, but there has been much speculation that he purposefully adds misspellings and inaccuracies to his social media messages to get attention. Whether he did that here is up for you to decide.

TMZ unfortunately at the time of this posting has confirmed that Kobe’s 13 year old daughter Gianna Maria Onore, was also on board the helicopter and was one of the four that was killed in the crash. This is the type of tragic situation that requires 100% accuracy from our journalists, press, and public figures. And especially, the DAMN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

How could Trump be so careless as to screw up his response to this?! Because he doesn’t give a damn. If there is nothing in it for him, he’s going to put in minimal effort, which is exactly what he did here. No outlet has reported anything less than 5 deaths, so he entirely made up the “three” others being killed.

On top of that, in between the time news started circulating about Kobe’s passing and Trump deciding to respond to the news, he was busy rage posting about impeachment and watching Fox News. Based on his history, there was no reason to expect Trump would get this right, but we find ourselves shocked once again.


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