Donald Trump Was Barely Stopped From Saying ‘RIP Tom Hanks’ Due to Limited Vocabulary

The moment Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced that they had tested positive for Coronavirus, is when for many, the crisis started to feel real. Since the news of Tom Hanks getting the virus was so widespread, Donald Trump saw it as an opportunity to take advantage of people’s interest, but it almost ended in disaster.

Trump was moments away from posting to social media, “RIP Tom Hanks,” early this week. It all started when Trump saw a report from multiple sources announcing that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had been “discharged” from an Australian hospital.

Trump saw the headlines and word “discharged” and thought that Tom Hanks being discharged meant he had succumbed to Coronavirus and perished. Good thing he only has access to the nuclear codes (that was sarcasm, you can laugh now).

So what prevented this? Someone with some basic common sense told Trump to hold on a second and actually make sure that Tom Hanks had died. Someone had US embassy officials check with Australian health officials and confirm that Tom Hanks was alive and well. They could have just checked Hanks’ Instagram but…whatever.

Reading between the lines, this means that someone near Trump saw him about to post “RIP Tom Hanks,” and had to call up Australia to make sure Tom Hanks was alive, instead of just reading the headlines Trump saw, that made him think Tom Hanks was dead in the first. Apparently Trump and no one around him knows what being “discharged” from a hospital means. God help us.

Although Trump was prevented from what would have been one of his top ten worst mistakes since infiltrating the Oval Office, it still shows who we are dealing with here. He did not stop to think of what would happen if his information was wrong. The fake news of Tom Hanks being dead would have spread like wildfire for at least two days straight, distracting from real issues.


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