Dr. Fauci Disagrees with Trump and Counters Him After Trump Praises Lock down Protesters

Top disease expert on the White House coronavirus task force Dr. Anthony Fauci was forced to do Donald Trump’s job this morning and condemn the Confederates and other people who were out protesting lock down stay at home orders over the weekend.

Dr. Fauci tried to explain to the protesters in stark terms why the lock down orders are all about saving the country. On ABC’s Good Morning America Dr. Fauci said specifically, “Unless we get the virus under control, the real recovery economically is not going to happen. So what you do if you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike, you’re going to set yourself back.”

Dr. Fauci had to speak to these people like they are children and said that even though it may be “painful” for them to follow the rules, breaking them will “backfire” on them as the virus will just start spreading at a high rate once again. These comments directly refute what Donald Trump said yesterday.

It’s sad Dr. Fauci had to do Trump’s job. Trump defended the armed anti-lockdown protesters/Confederates who demonstrated at state capitals across the country over the weekend. Trump did nothing but praise them by fully supporting them and saying, “You’re allowed to protest,” and that he’s “with everybody.”

Trump loved seeing the Confederates that were out over the weekend because these same people were waving Trump flags, as seen in the capture below,  “I think these people are, I’ve never seen so many American flags. I’m seeing the same thing you’re seeing.” These are Trump’s people.

Condemning these protesters and calling out how wrong they are like Dr. Fauci did this morning wasn’t even complicated because we have a deadly virus still spreading around the country, but Confederates are Donald Trump’s people so he couldn’t bring himself to speak negatively about them.


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